Bigjigs farm cube puzzle 

Izebellas second toy from Bigjigs toys is the Farm cube puzzle

This puzzle consists of 16 individual blocks all made from natural wood.

From the outset and seeing the image of the rooster in the unopened box, the puzzle looks very easy and I did initially think that it would be a bit too easy for Izebella. However once we unwrapped the packaging and took out the cubes, I noticed its perhaps not as easy as it first looks.

There are 16 blocks and each block has 6 sides. Each side forms part of a farm animal and there are 6 animals that can be made in this one puzzle.

Therefore it’s not just a case of finding which piece fits where but also finding the right side of the cube per animal and also determining which side the cubes need placing. Even I got slightly confused at times.

It makes things easier for Izebella if I can sort out the pieces first, like if making the sheep I sort the cubes so they are all sheep side up.  The tricky bit after this is arranging the blocks on the correct sides so they all match correctly. S

Izebella soon got the hang of it and she really enjoys this farm puzzle because once she has finished putting one animal together she is able to choose another one to make and does not get bored. She loves puzzles and jigsaws anyway and anything with animals on is always a bonus too. 

I managed a short video of her trying to put the puzzle together.

Each puzzle piece is a generous size for little hands allowing them to look and examine each piece easily before placing it. The puzzle helps develop dexterity, matching skills and concentration and provides a chance for positive parent and child interaction. 

It can be purchased for £9.99 directly from Bigjigs and comes with a wooden storage tray to keep the blocks in.

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