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I often consider myself lucky that my one and only son is not into football. I could never imagine being sat freezing watching football each weekend of even standing up and screaming my head off. Rather than sport, Ryan loves technology and gadgets; so I knew that he would like this new and rather unusual subscription box. 

Creation crate brings a monthly box of electronics and gadgets each month. 

The box comes with electronics, wires and devices to build a new project each time. Our project is to build a mood lamp.

On first inspection of the box contents my first thoughts were “oh my god, this looks complicated” but on reading the guide we found its just a simple case of connecting up a few wires for the hardware part. These kits are designed for beginners so it’s not too hard. Ryan seems to find this stuff easy too.

The more difficult part is the programming bit. There is a large code to programme in to make it all work. The code is given in full along with the website. Programming code is quite time consuming and small errors can me very frustrating, but it’s great for Ryan as it introduces him to more advanced computing.

The project does not need to be rushed. Ryan managed the hardware part in half an hour but is still doing the coding part. The end result will be a mood lamp like this. 

The kits obviously have many educational benefits and I think it’s a great idea for teenagers who enjoy technology and gadgets and even adults too. To be honest it all went a bit over my head so I’m glad my 12 year old is loving it. 

The projects are different every month. Prices are in dollars but they ship to the UK. It starts from $22.49 a month. I think this converts to about £16.

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