Dinky Diner smoothie maker

 About two weeks ago I was contacted by a company called Liberty Trading. Their website is full of funky gadgets, gifts and accessories and just the sort of website that I love to browse through.

I chose this Dinky Diner smoothie maker. It seemed the perfect thing for us as my kids are always asking for milkshakes and smoothies.  


With it being called “Dinky Diner” I was expecting a smaller than usual device with mini cups but it’s actually a full size one with full size cups. Not bad for just Β£22.00. I love the vibrant red colour too,it looks rather professional.  


The smoothie maker comes with 2 tall cups and one blender blade attachment. One of the cups doubles up as a freezer cup.  


My kids were quite baffled as to why this cup had water inside and why the water stayed in the cup even when tipped up. This cup can be placed in the freezer to give a cooler smoothie or the smoothie can be frozen. Both cups also come with kids.
It’s minimal set up and can be used straight from the box. The blender base small size makes it ideal for storing away in cupboards whilst the cups still provide a full glass of smoothie or shake.

This one device makes us delicious smoothies or milkshakes in seconds. It can even be used for cocktails which I’m yet to test out. 

Soft fruits work best in smoothies/Shakes, so bananas, berries, mango etc. Most hard fruits such as apples will need a juicer not one of these. The fruits are best chopped beforehand and yoghurt, milk, juice can be added and a few other things. 

There are many websites giving smoothie and shake recipes and even downloadable apps just for smoothies.
All the ingredients go into one of the cups, the blade is attached and sealed and then place the cup on the blender base. With this, you need to align the plastic notches on the bottom of the cups with the base and twist and lock in. This does take a bit of strength to lock it in properly, it took me a few attempts.  

Once locked, push down and switch the plug on, pulse for 10/20 seconds at one time, twist off and then pulse again 2 or 3 times. I find this the best way to make smoothies. The instructions recommend not pulsing for more than 60 seconds or there is a risk of the motor burning out.

We found it worked really well for the low price of it. It easily turned all the fruits we used into a drinkable smoothie along with yoghurts, milk, juices and even the addition of peanut butter in one of them (yes you can even make them with chocolate). There are no big bits remaining its all nicely blended together each time. The freezer cup will be great for the warmer summer days.

The smoothies are all done in seconds and it’s easy to make 4 (one each) in probably just over a minute.  


Smoothies are a great way to get fruit and vegetables into children and especially fussy eaters like my son Ryan. He won’t eat banana, raspberry or other fruits but will make and drink them in smoothies. 


This is a really good smoothie maker and comes at a really good price being just Β£22.99. 

Buy from Liberty trading along with lots of other funky gadgets.

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