My Pure #April – Naturtint & Evolve

Once again I have been testing out products from My Pure. These two products are both very different this time around. One of them being hair dye and the other a luxurious body polish scrub.

Naturtint Permanent hair colour 

My roots have been in need of a retouch for a good few weeks and my overall hair colour needed brightening up too. Naturtint hair colour is free from the nasty chemicals which are normally found in hair dyes, including ammonia. There are 32 shades to choose from, each containing natural vegetable ingredients and claim to be kinder to hair than other chemical based dyes.

I chose the Dawn Blonde shade. It is probably the lightest blonde to choose and the sort of shade I wanted. My roots are quite dark and with this being chemical free I was unsure if it would lighten enough. 

In the box are the two colourant bottles which need to be mixed, gloves, instructions plus shampoo, conditioner and CC Cream. 

As with most hair dye it’s best to do a strand test if your not used to dying your hair, tho I have to admit I never do the test. 20 years of dying my hair and not a single bad reaction or wrong colour so far.

Just like most other hair dyes I had to mix the bottle contents together, shake and then ready to go.

This is my hair and roots prior to using Naturtint. 

As you can see, my roots are dark!

I applied to the roots first, left for 20 minutes and applied to rest of my hair. With the Naturtint I experienced no nasty chemical smells, there was some itching throughout but no where near as intense as chemical dyes. I left it on for a total of 40 minutes. Then bathed and washed it off using the included shampoo and conditioner.

And here is the result! 

It’s a lot lighter, both hair and roots. I’m really impressed that the roots have gone blonde without ammonia or other chemicals which is not usually possible. 

The included CC cream can be applied after towel drying and helps with conditioning and breakage of hair as well as aging. 

Since applying the Naturtint I have found my hair in better condition than I would using a shop bought chemical dye, certainly less breakage and better condition. 

It is something I would recommend as an alternative to regular chemical dyes and costs Β£10.49 which is not much more than shop bought dye.

Evolve: Tropical Blossom body polish

This may not be up everyone’s street and especially not at Β£20.00 a tub, but I like it. 

To look at it from the outside it resembles something from a chemist, a plain white label and dark tub of hidden contents. Whilst inside is like another world entirely. 

It’s like a mini pot of gold. This oil based body polish contains fine particles of organic sugar to buff skin to smooth perfection and natural Tahitian coconut Monoi macerated in exotic Tahitian blossoms of Gardenia. 

It’s grainy like any other body polish, the grains help with exfoliation to remove dead skin particles so it’s good to use before applying fake tan too.

It’s a strange, but good sort of scent, fruity elements with something else. It’s very thick and lucious and melts away in water too so there is no mess left in the bath. 

It is a nice product but I do think it is quite expensive being Β£20.00 for a 180 ml pot. Certainly not something I will be leaving in reach of any of my children.

Once again, some lovely products with natural ingredients from My Pure.

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