Ravensburger – My First Pet puzzle

We do enjoy doing puzzles and jigsaws in our house and so far have quite a collection of Ravensburger puzzles. The majority are the big 1000 piece or more so it’s always nice for the kids when one arrives that they can do too. 

This is the “My First Pet” puzzle with 200 pieces. It shows photographs of various cute animals which could be kept as pets, such as kittens and tortoises which we have, also rabbits, puppy, birds etc. 

The puzzle is aimed at those 8 and over. I was hoping Jordanna would want to do this but sadly no! She said it was too hard. So me and Ryan ended up doing it together instead. 

The pieces are just about right for an older child, not too small or big babyish sizes. 

I think Jordanna was jusr being lazy. It probably took us under an hour to complete. 

This puzzle is available over on Amazon at the current price of Β£7.99 and many good toy stores.

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