World book day with Asda

World book day is almost upon us yet again. Some parents love it, many dread it. Yet more costumes to buy or even make. I am hopeless at making anything and having 3 costumes to buy can be pricey so I was very happy when Asda got in touch about their costume selection in time for world book day. 

World book day is about celebrating books and characters from books. It is quite sad and probably disappointing for the teachers too when a hundred Elsas or Annas from frozen turn up or perhaps a fair few sponge bobs or minions. Whilst there may now be books with the modern Frozen story and the odd minions album, none of these started out as books and therefore probably not what schools really have in mind when it comes to characters from books. It’s a shame some of the older and more classic book characters have become overlooked.

Whilst Asda of course sells Frozen costumes (along with everywhere else) and a fair few other tv characters, they also have a brand new selection of more classic kids book character costumes. Here’s just a few of them. 

I was kindly asked to choose costumes for my children. I felt like a big kid at Christmas making the choices for them and they all seem really happy with what I chose. We didn’t have world book day when I was younger or at least I don’t remember it and costumes such as these were not as available and probably more expensive to buy than nowadays. Asda seem to have a really good selection. 

I only received the outfits yesterday and therefore this is a fairly fast review in time for weekend when most parents consider going out to get them.

Izebella attends school nursery and for her I chose Alice in Wonderland

She is a little young to be familiar with the story but we do have a few books of both the Alice adventures. It comes with a headband and a little carry purse in the design of the clock. 

Now I don’t mean to brag or boast but I think she looks adorable in this and the blue really seems to suit her. The above pic still has the tags on as she could not wait to try it on. Here is one without both tags and dummy. 

And the back! 

I think Izebella will be very happy wearing and showing off in this next week. 

Continuing with the fairytale heroines we have Snow White for Jordanna. It’s a story she loves and like Alice in Wonderland the story goes back to the turn on the 1900s possibly before and it’s a story every child knows. 

This dress is quite long and it’s a 9-10 years. Jordanna is 8 but it’s not so long that she’s tripping over it and could easily be slightly tucked up a little. It also comes with a red headband. 

So now I have two gorgeous little princesses for world book day. 


Finally Ryan. Ryan is at high school now and so far I am unsure what, if anything they are doing for world book day. Ryan is part of the school council and is wanting to suggest that his year (year 7) dress up for it. Hopefully they will and he will also get to wear his costume. It’s Willy Wonka from the famous Roald Dahl book – Charlie and the chocolate factory. 
And here he is looking rather smart. 

It’s a 3 piece costume with the big hat, pants and the top which combines the shirt, jacket and tie. Size 11/12 and a perfect fit for him plus smiles all round. 

The children’s costumes vary in price and cost slightly more the bigger the size. The majority cost between Β£10-Β£15. Adult costumes are also available too. Alll the costumes I revieced are all good quality and I am sure they will get plenty of wear long past world book day.


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