My Pure #February – eye liner & brow liner

It’s all about the eyes!

This month for my “My Pure” post I went for 2 eye make up items. 

The Alva Kajal eyeliner comes in 3 shade choices. I chose black. This costs Β£11.00 which is probably the most  expensive eye liner I havd used to date. 

The eyeliner comes at the perfect sharpened point, not too sharp and not blunt so it smudges everywhere.  

It goes on easy enough. I always try to do both bottom and top eyelines tho find the top more difficult. 

The one thing I find with other eye liner pencils is it just does not last. This is probably down to them being cheaper. This one seems to last a few hours before a re application is needed. The pencil is really long to so will hopefully last a while.

Here is a before and after application of the pencil. 

Next for my brows is the Inika brow pencil. This comes in 2 shades, one light and one dark and I went for the darker one.0 

My brows are naturally very light so things like this pencil help to enhance them. Colouring brows however can sometimes be hit and miss and takes practice as what it invokes is essentially colouring hair with a pencil. There are various stencils and shapers that can be bought to help get it right and it’s best to choose a shade that is not too dark for the skin colour too.   

 It’s easy to use the pencil stand alone. Use a mirror and gently go over the brow, making sure you don’t apply too much. The pencil even comes with a sharpener on the lid so no need buy a separate one. This eye brow pencil costs Β£13.50.

As with all My Pure products. These are made using natural ingredients only.


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