Super Yummies

Super Yummies are the all new toddler snacks from Cow & Gate. To be honest toddler snacks are not really something I have bothered with for a while as Izebella is now 3 and sort of went off a few of the selections I used to try. I thought I would give them a go as an alternative to the more unhealthy biscuits and things she tends to choose. 

There are a few different varieties to choose from being Breadsticks, which are savoury,  Rice cakes in fruit varieties, yoghurt and fruit pouches and Freeze dried fruit and veg pieces. 

Obviously being toddler snacks and from Cow & Gate we as parents can be assured the snacks are healthy and only contain fruit and veg and no unhealthy ingredients or added nasties.

The first thing Izebella tried are the rice cakes which we have in an apple and orange flavour. 

 Of course I had to try some myself and it’s now obvious why these are called “Super Yummies” because they are very yummy indeed. Full of flavour and sweet too, crispy and I could definitely taste the orange and apple in them. In fact these are a little addictive and I could not just have one. My older 2 children enjoyed them too. 


The breadsticks are a good replacement for crisps and crackers and again lots of flavour. The freeze dried fruit pieces are very much like fruit crisps and both went down really well too. I think Izebellas favourite product was the yoghurt pouch which she had no problem eating straight from the squeezy pouch in no time at all. 


All of the super Yummies products tasted good and all my children enjoyed them. They make tasty alternative healthy snacks. They can be purchased in supermarkets, Boots and other stores in the toddler/baby aisles and start at just 75p each.

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