Vosene kids squeaky clean

Jordanna and Izebella have once again been testing out some hair and bathing products and this time from the well known brand “Vosene”. 

Vosene have their own new kids range called squeaky clean. These products have many benefits both in gettng hair washed and clean and the added benefit of added oils to help combat and repel headlice.

We have a 3 in one shampoo which cleanses and conditions at the same time, tho as always with the combined shampoo and conditioners I do find I need a little extra conditioned for Jordannas very thick and curly hair. 

 This product contains blends of tea tree and lemon and eucalyptus oils to help combat the head lice. Unfortunately we are having a tough time with lice at the moment so I’m happy to try out anything that claims to help. The shampoo is lovely and foamy and seems to be pretty gentle on the eyes too. 

The next product is a conditioning defence spray. This spray is really useful for managing tangles and knots in hair and especially so in the morning. 

 Again it contains the oils to combat lice but luckily the product has a more lemony scent rather than tea tree which can sometimes be off putting. It simply sprays onto the hair and then the knots can be easily brushed out. It leaves the hair in a much better manageable and smoother condition and is great for curly hair. 

Each of these Vosene products costs about Β£2.54 each and should be available in stores and supermarkets which sell products of this type.

More information can of course be found over at Vosene kids.

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  1. February 2, 2016 / 11:59

    oooh Lovely this might be a nice product to use on my lil bub hair πŸ™‚ x

  2. google.com, pub-6419179042586861,DIRECT,f08c47fec0942fq0

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