New year reads from GMC books

These are my childrens latest books from The GMC group. They are both lovely books with classic well know tales to start off the new year. Both titles are aimed towards the older/more advanced reader but both books seem suitable for both Ryan aged 11 and Jordanna aged 8.

The Wizard of Oz: First five novels 

 I had no idea that there was five novels to the Wizard of Oz. This is probably down to my knowledge being based on the films alone and never having read the actual books. I now know that all these novels do exist and are all placed snuggly together in this rather large book with well over 700 pages. Of course I have not read them all myself yet but Ryan seemed very interested in this one and I am not too sure how far he has got either.

The author is L.Frank Baum. The book itself is a brand new release of the original stories which were wrote back in 1900 so the wizard of Oz original story is now 116 years old. This book comes with a very old fashioned childhood appeal, it’s made to look like an old classic story book and even comes with the shiny embossed edging. 

The 700 pages is certainly a lot to get through but the stories are split into 5 sections. The txt is fairly small and lots of it to be getting on with and there is a few images and sketches along the way. 

 This hardback book costs a rather modest Β£25.00; which may seem a lot for one story book. You are agetting 5 novels in one this time tho.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass 

 Another classic childhood story which has entertained both young and old for over a century. This again is not just one novel or one story but both Alice’s adventures and Through the looking glass bought together. The author of course as everyone knows is Lewis Carroll.  Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland transports you down the rabbit-hole into a wondrous realm that is home to a White Rabbit, a March Hare, a Mad Hatter, a tea-drinking Dormouse, a grinning Cheshire-Cat, the Queen of Hearts and her playing card retainers, and all manner of marvelous creatures. Through the Looking-Glass is your passport to a topsy-turvy world on the other side of the mirror, where you have to run fast just to stay in place, memory works backwards, and it is possible to believe as many as six impossible things before breakfast.

Again it’s a big book to get through but my children seem more fascinated when it’s books that they are already familiar with, and especially so if there is a movie or two to go with it, tho some would  argue that the films somehow spoil the book. 

It comes with a flexibound cover and one of those lace book page finders so you don’t lose where your up to, they seem to work better than book marks which fall out or get removed by little sisters (no names!) 

Alice’s adventures/through the looking glass costs Β£14.99.

Both books are produced by Barnes & Nobles.

I’m sure my older two children will be busy with these books for some time.

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