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 We have received another lovely parcel of books from The GMC group. This time I chose books for the slightly younger age groups being mainly for Jordanna and Izebella. Ryan already has lots to be getting on with. 

The first are two classic fairytale stories which never seem to fade out or be forgot about.  

The Elves & the shoemaker and Izebellas favourite Rapunzel. Both of these classic tales are retold in beautiful modern day books by John Cech. The art and illustrations throughout both books is pretty bold and beautiful and is the work of Fiona Samson. 

 The retold stories are very much the same as the ones we heard as children and I’m sure when my children one day have their own children that these stories will still be going strong then. 

At the back of both books is an “About the story” page this gives some pretty in depth information about how these two fairytales began and any truth, morals, or warnings in them. It’s quite an interesting read once you have read the story itself.  

If perhaps you want more of a modern day story book for your child then maybe Monster trouble instead.  

This book tells the short tale of a girl named Winifred and monsters in the night, which many kids can probably relate to.  

 In the end Winifred learns to ignore the monsters and realised they can’t harm her. Again very colourful with some rather funky bright monsters. The author is Lane Fredrickson and illustrations by Michael Robertson.

The final book is for the very young ones and early readers. It’s called When I grow up.  

 The book is made from tough board and so perfect for little hands that may be tempted to rip pages, this one can’t be ripped. The pages give basic job descriptions of various well known professions and then children lift up a flap to reveal the job. 

 Ite perfect for 2/3 year olds to help them learn about the world and what different people do. This book is by Tad Carter.

All of there titles can be found in the  Children’s section at GMC books. Also in book shops and over on Amazon. Prices vary.

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