My Pure #2 (Dead Sea and Inika foundation)

Last week I received my second package of products from My Pure. Each month I am given my own choice of products to test out and this is what I chose this time round. 
Dead Sea bath salts
I have seen similar looking packages of bath salts about in high end stores and have been temped to try them for a while. I use a lot of “Dead Sea” products, tho mainly facial masks and body scrubs. These bath salts come in 2 bag sizes starting at 500g for Β£5.15.  

Sea salt contains more calcium and magnesium which have a calming effect on the skin and retain natural moisture barriers. They are meant to be very effective for those with certain skin conditions too. My oldest daughter Jordanna seems prone to spots and dry skin so I have been putting a small handful in her baths as well as my own.

The bath salts have no scent and they don’t make the bath bubbly or creamy, it’s more for the effect on the skin rather than a pamper product but certainly not expensive.

Inika liquid foundation  
I do love getting new foundations and other bits of make up. This one is on the pricey side of Β£29.50 and for this price I would expect it to be long lasting and a good shade, also easy application. It certainly manages to tick all the boxes for me. 

The shade I chose is honey and oug of 4 shades it’s the 2nd darkest but still a good natural skin tone colour. 

There is an Inika foundation primer to match this, I don’t have it but I do find if I use any primer underneath this then the colour tends to stay on most of the day. Application is easy, it glides on evenly and smoothly with no hard rubbing and I should add I always use fingers to apply too.  

The foundation is packed full of organic antioxidants which I really have no clue what that is, just that they are good and beneficial for the skin. Prior to using this particular product I was finding odd spots on my face and since using it, they have gone and no more have appeared. 

Despite the price it is a great foundation and seems to give a gear flawless look. 


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