Baskets before Christmas! + Competition

I love nice wooden baskets and especially so for laundry and washing, much better than bags and they look so nice and even old fashioned. Baskets come in all shapes and sizes and have multiple uses other than just washing and laundry. 

The basket Company is of course all abut baskets and very good quality baskets too. Last year I revieced a lovely laundry basket from them which I am pleased to say is still in perfect condition. This time round I have been sent, not one, but three lovely baskets and just before Christmas too.  

 This is the Two tone rattan round wicker log basket. It comes in 5 sizes and price starts at Β£25.00. It comes with carry handles and seems to be very strong and sturdy. It’s main intended use obviously is for carrying logs, I assume for log fires. However not everyone has a log fire these days so it does double up for many other uses. Shoes, toys, toiletries, and anything else you could think to put inside it.  

   I have the medium basket and its very spacious that even Izebella can sit inside it, tho I don’t recommend carrying children in this! 

My second basket is not for me but for the animal in my house and the future pet I intend to get very soon. It’s a Oval pet basket. These come in four sizes and start from Β£20.00. The paw print cushion is included too.  

 Again really strong and sturdy. The product information page gives details on what size pet each basket is suitable for. I currently have a small cat and soon to be getting a small breed puppy too. The basket is more than suitable for either and they may even end up sharing. Daisy seems to like it for now. 

My final basket to show is this Soft rush lidded basket. There are 3 size options for this and they start at just Β£10.00. 

 I have the medium option for this one. They are quite soft and flexible whilst still being strong and it comes with carry handles. I have not decided yet what I am going to use this for, tho it’s a nice size for toiletries and cosmetics. It may also make a nice Christmas Eve box to put a few treats inside. 

These are all lovely baskets to have around the home and all come in very useful for storage and of course pets. 

The Basket company are offering one of their two tone round wicker baskets as above. 

 The prize will be the large size basket which measures 45cm X h38cms. The large basket costs Β£40.00 to purchase.

It will make a great addition to any home before Christmas. 

The competition closing date is December 8th. You must be a UK resident to enter. 


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