My Pure beauty: foundation and hair mask

Last month I was chosen to be a blogger for My Pure, who sell all sorts of natural beauty items, made with natural ingredients. I was able to choose 2 products and it was quite a tough choice as there is lots to choose from. 

I chose two products which I really needed. The first being a foundation. When it comes to foundation I seem to have a problem finding the correct shade. It’s usually either too dark, too pale or some rubbish that makes me look like an orange streaky mess. So I was hoping this one would be different. 

 The Alva fluid foundation is available in 3 shades and I have medium. It’s Β£16.00 per tube and as you can see it’s not the biggest tube being only 30ml, therefore fairly expensive. All “My Pure” products contain natural ingredients and thos fountain contains blends of Wellmune, natural vitamin E, red grapevine extract and evening primrose oil. 
 The first thing I noticed is that it does have a strange sort of musty smell which I have not come across before with other foundations. It’s a little strange and probably down to one of the natural ingredients but it’s not too bad or off putting and once on I can’t smell it. 

The product glides on reaally easy and is easy to blend in. I really like the shade and it seems to work really well with my skin tone to give an almost perfect coverage. 

 Not too dark and no orange tones. It’s a perfect shade and also seems good for skin too leaving it soft and free of imperfections and spots. It’s something I would consider buying.
My second product is also something that was much needed. This one is for my hair and is the Vital 5 hair mask.  

 It contains blends of wheat and keratin and designed to repair damage and combat dryness which it seems to do. When I opened the lid I was greeted by a lovely thick luscious white cream, almost like a thick meringue and it smelt good too. 

 It can be used as a weekly or fortnight treatment or more often for badly damaged hair. I use it after the usual shampoo and conditioner and then apply this. It does leave hair more manageable and soft and after a few uses I could certainly feel the benefits of better hair.

 This hair mask costs Β£12.75 but it’s a big 200ml pots so that means lots of uses.

I am very impressed so far with the My Pure products. 

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