Tiggly is a new start up company who design physical smart toys which interact with learning apps on a selection of iPads and tablets. 
Tiggly shapes, math and Tiggly words all launched here just days ago on QVC and can also be found on Amazon, Apple.com and Currys. 

The interactive Tiggly toys come in box sets as seen in the photograph above which open out a little like a book to reveal the toys.  

These toys then lift out to then reveal the full instructions to download the apps and a carry pouch to keep the toys in. There is no reason to keep the bulky boxes.

We received Tiggly Math and Tiggly Words. The recomeded age levels for these two kits is between 3-8 years. I did thing they were a little young for Jordannas ability and she has just turned 8. Izebella is 3 in October and my worry was she may be too young, but no as always my brain box proved me wrong. 

Izebella seemed quite fascinated by the toys in the boxes. Although I imagine at first she was clueless that they were to be used with mummy’s iPad. They are very bright and colourful and I would also say tempting to put in mouth and bite so make sure you supervise the younger ones. 

Tiggly words are the 5 vowels and Tiggly numbers are rows of joined cubes of numbers 1-5.  


Each of the toys has black dots on the back which I can only presume forms the connection to the device. The Tiggly kits are designed for iPads and Galaxy tablets as well as a few other well known tablet makes. I have the Ipad2 and found it all worked fine on mine but it’s obviously best to check you own a compatible device.

Each kit gave details to download 3 apps per kit. Once downloaded the apps require the user to place the toys onto the screen to unlock the games and also test its all working fine. And then we can play.



Now Izebella can count to 20 and recite the alphabet song but of course she cannot yet read nor add up. The apps are really helpful for really young children as the easy part seems to be the colour matching. Each letter and number is differently coloured and with the letters especially Izebella is able to match the colour and shape to the letter needed on the screen.  

And when she gets it wrong it does not tell her she’s wrong it still does something fun and there are lots of fun sounds and music too to keep her interested. I’m pretty sure she will be spelling words very soon with this and it will help her with number recognition too. 

This here is the Tiggly character which is seen on the apps. He’s a funny looking guy, sort of like a green alien froggy type thing. Izebella also got this huge pillow in our pack.  

She now uses the plush toy as a big pillow. It’s pretty comfy too.

Tiggly has now launched over on QVC where lots more information can be found along with prices. It’s certainly made Izebella happy tho it does mean she has to play on my iPad a whole lot more! 

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