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Its weekend once again, meaning no kids and I’m free to go party the night away. It’s also my birthday on Monday giving me another reason to go let my hair down. 

But my hair isn’t always in the best condition, constantly exposed to some sort of hear source, be it the sun or straighteners and I frequently dye my roots, have foils and all the other stuff which is not so good for my hair.

So I came across a place called Dominican Hair Care and I was rather intrigued as I visited the Dominican Republic myself a few years ago. One thing I remember is that natural products are everywhere with many Dominican families growing everything they need, and of course the beautiful well kept locks which Dominican woman own.

Dominican Hair Care sells many hair products which are made with natural ingredients sources direct from the Dominican Republic. Each product is different and designed to bring out the best for each individual’s hair.

I was unsure which product would work best for my hair, so I told them my hair condition and was sent an intensive hair treatment from the Silicon Mix range. The Silicon products contain a combination of superb ingredients which also includes Keratin. Any beauty addict will be well aware that keratin is a much needed product for the hair which can help repair and smooth heat damaged strands.  

The hair treatment comes in 4 sizes of pots. It’s best applied after washing and towel drying hair, so probably best to use normal shampoo and conditioner first and then apply. 

It looks like a shiny cream and more like a moisturiser than something to apply to the hair. The scent reminds me of a sweet soap too.

I applied and left on for 5 minutes. It gives pretty instant results as when I washed it off, my hair immediately felt a lot smoothie and more manageable than it normally would. The results were even more apparent during blow drying and straightening, I could just feel my hair becoming lovely and soft as I was styling. 


The product has made my hair lovely, soft, manageable and given it a nice shine too. There seems to be less frizz than what I would normally get and my hair smells really good too. 

Almost ready for the birthday celebrations. 

See more at Dominican Hair care 


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