Lalaloopsy Crazy Hair

I have two little girls in my house who love both dolls and crazy hair do’s. They also both happen to be big fans of Lalaloopsy dolls of which they already own a fair few. Last week the latest doll in the Lalaloopsy collection arrived.  

This is one of the Lalaloopsy Crazy Hair dolls. It is a similar size to most fashion dolls out there. As with most Lalaloopsy dolls it also comes with a pretty crazy name – Cinderella Slippers, and there are 3 other crazy hair dolls to collect. 

She comes dressed in a funky pink Cinderella disco dress and big chunky pink wedge party shoes. 

Her main feature is of course the “crazy hair” which is very crazy and wild indeed. It’s a strange combination of wool and wax. Some strands just wool and the majority wax, a little like yellow dreadlocks.  

Her accessories are clips, glitter, hair twirler and a pack of extra hair.  Again all pink, very girly.



I was a little baffled about how I would go about getting this extra wax hair onto the dolls head, but it just needs attaching onto the hair already there by twisting it. The pack contains 3 colours of wax hair (including more yellow) the hair can also be curled and twisted using the plastic hair curler to create a variety of crazy styles. 


The extra hair simply untwists and comes out just as easily as it went in. The wax hair can even be cut (with supervision) and new wax strands added to grow again. 

The glitter is an added touch to make the hair sparkly. 

This doll needs no batteries and very little in way of instructions. These are great dolls for girls who love hair styling. The recommended age guide is 3 and over. Buy for £20.00 fromAmazon

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