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“On the Movies” is a great new range of kids back packs designed to keep both kids and parents happy on the move!   

The adorable animal backpacks contain a high brightness 7in touch screen Tablet PC, allowing you to play movies/games, go online on the move!  


There is a monkey, tiger, ladybird and cat backpack to choose from and the tablets also come with a choice of colour too.  

We have been sent over one if these fantastic backpacks to try out. Ryan already has a tablet and many other gadgets so this one is for my girls to share. We chose the tiger backpack and a pink tablet.  

The backpack is fairly big in size and especially so on little Izebella. The front of the bag contains a transparent window pocket for the tablet to sit in and the tablet can even be played inside the bag. There is another zippable pocket above this which seems perfect for storing the charger when traveling. The bag had adjustable straps and a big storage pocket for trips and days away. 

The tablet is android and is quite a good one too. It’s fairly fast and very responsive. They come with a coloured bumper protective case which will hopefully protect it from bumps and drops.  


As well as playing movies, kids can take photos with the integrated camera, and play them on their bag. On the movies tablets come with a high resolution 1024 x800 screen, and 8GB storage allowing you to download photos, games. Apps, Music and Movies.. Additionally, up to 32GB Micro SD is supported, allowing you to add more storage as required.  


The tablet was pretty much already set up for us from the box and came with many preinstalled kids apps ready to use. These include many toddler games, stories and music. There is of course also the “Google play store” where more apps and games can be downloaded and there is an Internet browser plus other standard android apps.  


Parental Guidance Apps are also available to lock off the internet if this is required. 

USB, and HDMI ports allow connection to other computers or TV to download films or more apps.

I set up the tablet with my email account and left it to charge, I then placed it back in the backpack and left it overnight for Izebella in the morning (Jordanna was elsewhere). I think she thought Santa has been again when she saw it in the morning, her little face was a picture.  

Izebella was one happy little lady with her new tiger bag and tablet. She loves all the preinstalled games and apps as they all seem to be the correct level for her age and also seem to be very educational (numbers, letters, colours, shapes, animals, matching)  For Jordanna I simply downloaded a few more which are more suited for her.  


The tablet does come with brief instructions but it works the same way as any other android tablet which the majority of people are used to. It seems to be a good quality tablet but like any other android software it does have its odd moments of slow loading and slight screen freeze, but I have found this is minimal and certainly does not effect my girls usage of it.

The Tablet’s battery is intended to give up to 4 hours of play for movies or games, before re-charging is necessary. So far we find we get about 2/3 hours of usage but I do believe this improves with frequent charges. 

Both Izebella and Jordanna are loving having this. They are really good at sharing with eachother, probably because they share a room. They take turns in playing games and using it.  

The backpacks cost £89.95 which includes the bag, tablet, charger and cables to attach to a pc/laptop. They can be purchased directly from On the Movies.

And I will leave you with a little video I made of Izebella on the morning she got her new On the Movies backpack.



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