Paediasure – The shake for fussy eaters

If you haven't yet seen or heard of this stuff then you may have been living on a different planet as it seems to be constantly advertised on television. I myself have a very fussy eater so was pretty eager to try this out. Ryan is almost 11, since being 2 years old he has refused point blank to try any vegetables, he just won't eat them no matter what I try. His fruit intake is also quite limited and he refuses to try many new foods. I actually think he has some sort of food phobia and of course I worry that he may not get enough nutrients and enough of what he needs. Jordanna on the other hand as always eaten both fruit and vegetables and I have never had any food problems with her. Unfortunately it seems Izebella may be following big brother, she is only 2 but also refuses many vegetables and can be funny with certain meats, tho I am hoping she may grow out of her fussy stage.

So with 3 children it can be hard getting the correct nutrients and vitamins inside them as they all have different eating habits and this is where the Paediasure comes in.

Paediasure is designed for fussy eaters. It is a nutritionally balanced shake for children. The shake provides a balance of 26 vitamins and minerals, it also contains protein, calcium and vitamin D as well as iron. All of these being essential nutrients which each child needs to grow and develop. Giving the Paediasure to fussy eaters, along with a healthy balanced diet will help to get children back on track.

Paediasure comes in 3 flavours – chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. I am trying out all 3 flavours. Ryan is so fussy that I wasn't even sure if he would try these (being something new) luckily he did.

The shake is powder in a tin and on first glance it reminded me a lot of the baby milk powder. It even has a very similar measuring scoop,

I was quite surprised and even a little relieved to learn that the shakes are made with water rather than milk- nothing worse than wondering if there's enough milk left.

To make one shake, I measure out 190ml of cold water and add 5 level scoops of the powder. Then stir until dissolved. It's a lot like making up baby formula.

It's really easy to make. I was wondering how it would taste. We are more used to shakes being made with milk and these are water, but.. they are really nice. I did of course try one just to see for myself and it tastes just like most milkshake drinks, very refreshing and full of flavour. Ryan really likes them too which is a bonus as it's him I worry about the most.

On the back of the tins, comes a guideline as to how many shakes per day each child should have. It's suitable for children aged 1-10 years and the guideline states that children aged 1-4 years should have two shakes per day and children 5-10 years can have 3. Ryan is at the older end of the age guide and he turns 11 next month. I will continue to give him the Paediasure as he likes it and it know it's helping give him the vitamins and goodness he needs. It's pretty impossible to change his eating habits – I have been trying for 9 years. He has one in the morning after breakfast, one after school and another in the evening. He likes all the flavours too.

Of course Jordanna won't sit there and watch Ryan enjoy something so she has it too. These arrived at a fairly coincidental time for Izebella. She has been really unwell with another virus. Coughing, sneezing, sore throat, blisters on tongue and refusal to eat. She will pick at the odd thing now and again but refuses meals and even breakfast. Like most patents this makes me worried so whilst she's unwell I have been giving her the shakes and she manages to drink a full one each time, despite being poorly (that's how good they taste) so as well as being great for fussy eaters I think they are also good for children who are feeling unwell too.

Paediasure is made by Abbott nutrition who have been making leading nutritional products for many years. Paediasure is available to buy from most Boots stores and online at A 400g tin costs Β£9.99. More information on Paediasure along with lots of helpful information for parents can be found at the FussyEaters website.

Paediasure contains milk protein and is therefore NOT milk free. It is suitable for vegetarian and halal diets. It is also gluten, lactose and nut free. Check the website and ingredients before trying.





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