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I am definitely more of a tea drinker than coffee. I don’t own a coffee machine either and have no intention of buying one, so when I do drink coffee it’s instant. 

I was very intrigued with the whole concept of “flavoured coffee” which is what Beanies supply and was more than happy to try them out. I always love trying new things. 

Beanies have a huge selection of flavoured coffees. I counted 13 on their website. I picked the 3 which tempted my tastebuds the most and here they are. 

These are all instant coffees which I make just like I would any other coffee. recommended reading. A spoonful in the cup and add water. I’m not too sure if your meant to add milk to these, but I can’t drink coffee without the milk so I add it anyway along with sugar. 

Vanilla is the one I tried first. From opening the coffee I could instantly smell the sweet vanilla aromas. The coffee still tastes of coffee but with a hint of vanilla. The flavours do not overpower the coffee taste but more a slight extra flavour. 

The Hazelnut is probably the stronger flavour out of the three I have. It’s like a nutty coffee and really nice. With the Double Chocolate, I could not really taste much chocolate flavour but was nice all the same.

Beanies flavoured coffees do not contain any chemicals or syrups and only two calories per serving. The coffee flavours are created using only the finest raw materials.

The coffees are available on the  Beanies website starting at £2.50 per jar.

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