House of Fraser: Doc McStuffins tent

I was recently contacted by House of Fraser and asked if I would like to review something from the kids clothes or toy range. Of course I was only happy to agree but the problem was, choosing something. 

House of Fraser is the UKs premium department store. They have many departments selling everything for the home, clothes, beauty, toys and more and the children’s selection is vast.

So I made a little list and one of the things on that list was a Doc Mcstuffins character tent. The reason I chose this is because Izebella is fascinated by it. She has a few character toys already and we also hosted a character Twitter party not so long ago. Each night she puts on her costume and pretends to be a doctor making everyone better. I was quite happy to receive the tent for her. 

The tent arrives flat in a box. It’s described as a pop up tent and it sort of is. It does pop up but also requires minimal assembly with 5 plastic poles. Four go into the base and one in the roof. Instructions come with it but to be honest these are far from clear and just show a few images of what to do. Luckily once I worked out where they went it’s very easy. 

It takes all of 5 minutes to put up. Once up it does take up a fair bit of floor space. I’m lucky to have a large kitchen/dining room and that’s where it is at present. 

It can go outside too but it’s just not quite warm enough yet and may blow away with the wind.

It has 2 doors and a ground sheet but if placing on a hard floor it’s probably best to put an extra blanket, mat or cushions in for comfort. The roof bit on our tent is a little bent and lopsided. I have tried without success to adjust the bendy pole and roof bit but no matter what I do it just won’t go into the right shape. It’s not a huge problem and may sort itself out with time.

I put the tent up for Izebella whilst she was at nursery for a few hours. I could not wait to see her little face when she came home and saw it, she was one very happy little girl indeed. 

what’s this mummy!!

As you can imagine she could not wait to climb in and have a look. She then preceeded to collect all her Doc McStuffin toys along with dolls and put them in the tent, like her very own surgery. Oh and yes the biscuit went in too! 

She loves it and their is room for big sister Jordanna too. Even I can fit my big butt inside so there is plenty of room. Poor Ryan however is not allowed in says Izebella who has now made it a girls only tent ha.

Once the warmer weather arrives it will be going outside on the nice days as I am trying to get my children playing out a bit more. It’s fine for outside use. House of Fraser have many other Outdoor toys already available and many items discounted. 

The DocMcstuffins tent costs £20.00 which is reduced from the original price of £25.00. Buy one Here.

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  1. March 9, 2015 / 13:42

    Aww! How adorable is that…It sounds like Izebella loves it.

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