Our Doc McStuffins Twitter party

Yesterday was party day at the Bizzimummy household. It was all about Doc McStuffins whom little Izebella loves and we were sent over a huge box of Doc McStuffins goodies to help with our hosting. 

Inside the box: several Doc McStuffins toy, books, snacks, cake, posters, party plates, cups and game ideas. It was a huge box packed full of lovely things.

Our little party began at 1pm with all the action and many photographs being tweeted over Twitter with hashtag #DocMcstuffins. The Twitter party proved popular in the Twittee trending list, so much so that it beat Madonnas stage falling antics.

In total I had 6 children. I thought it best to keep to a minimum. Izebella proved a great little party host, bossing everyone around. The first game was a rather silly one and involved passing around the Doc McStuffins doll a little like pass the parcel. Except when the music stopped, the one holding the doll had to quickly put on an outfit and flashing shoes and shout out a silly phrase.

This was followed by a game of Tic Tac Toe using supplied play cards and counters.  

This proved a little difficult for Izebella who instead went off playing with her new Doc McStuffins dolll.

There was plenty of food including sandwiches, sausage rolls, cake and sweet things which we had at about 2pm.

Then another game afterwards called The Eye Test game. Which was a little like a real eye test with a chart and pretend glasses. 

We then had some free play opportunities to colour in books or dance, as Izebella did.

And making our own eye charts too! Unfortunately the day proved a little too tiring for one little girl. 

She fell asleep about 2.30 so she will have to make her eye chart another time. 

All our little guests received their own goody bag, with toys and healthy kiddylicious snacks. A great party had by all.

The Doc McStuffins takeover can be found over on  UK MUMS TV website with lots of fun activities and tips.

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