New Personalised backpack from Cheeky Baby Tees

Izebella started morning nursery last month and absolutely loves it. She needed a little bag to put her change of clothes and other bits inside and so was very happy to be sent a lovely little bag of her own from Cheeky Baby Tees. She was even more delighted to see the bag had her name on making it a very special bag indeed.


Izebella has a little obsession with frogs at the moment. Not the animal as such, but more waving her fairy wand and turning us all into one, at which point we all have to hop around the floor croaking or she will get a little annoyed if the wand does not work. Therefore the frog seemed the obvious choice. There is also a ladybird and a panda which can all be viewed here.

The bag arrived early January and she has been happily using it ever since. She takes it to nursery and also on outings or to see family, she loves it.ο»Ώ


It’s the perfect size for a toddler. It holds a fair bit of stuff too. For nursery I usually put 2 sets of clothes in, wellies and her water bottle and it all fits in with ease. There is a large zip pocket which holds her dummy, hat and gloves and even with all this, there is still room for more.

Izebella loves carrying her frog bag herself and happily shows it everyone she sees. The spelling of her name is unusual meaning it is very unlikely to be lost or mistaken for someone else’s bag. Any name can be placed on the backpack

The personalised backpack costs just  Β£14.99 and the frog one can be purchased hereο»Ώ. ο»Ώ

Cheeky Baby Tees sell childrens T-shirts , personalised babygrows/vests, baby bibs, PE bags and mini messenger bags for kids. They even have a new Back to School range! They are a family run business located in South Wales. 

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