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A few years ago, any foods described as “free from” usually meant bland or boring and were very limited in choice. Free from food were quite limited to bread and pasta products and quite hard to find.
Well not anymore and you don’t need to travel far to find some fancy treats that are both tasty and free from wheat and gluten.

I found these lovely treats in my local Tesco store which I have to say is usually rubbish and tends to have very little I want especially review products. They actually have a massive shelf dedicated to all sorts of “Free from” foods.
The Free from selection consists of both savoury and sweet food products and I decided to get myself some delicious biscuits and cakes and put and end to the myth that Free from is boring because these are far from it.

First are these cookies in 4 varieties which also form part of the Tesco Finest foods range too. I have the triple chocolate ones, well I did have, they were just too nice and got ate within an hour (not all by me tho)

Smothered in a delicious thick chocolate later and infused with chocolate chips that just melt in the mouth. They actually taste better than some cookies which aren’t “Free from”

Next are the brand new “Stackers” again Tesco Finest branded.

3 varieties and each pack has 5 squares. These are big chunky squares of what I would describe as inbetween cake and biscuit. We have the All butter millionaire shortbread and Rocky road varieties and the other one is a Belgian chocolate brownie.

Processed with Moldiv
These are so unbelievably sweet and delicious, so chunky and full of amazing sweet flavour. It’s hard to eat more than one at a time as they do make me feel quite bloated, but yes these are good.

So if you do have gluten or wheat intolerance or allergies then fear not, you can still enjoy a great selection of those much loved tasty treats thanks to Tesco.

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