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I was born without DIY skills of any sort. Any minor attempts at any sort of decorating, fixing or home improvement ends in disaster. I often drop light bulbs when changing them, I have no idea how to change a plug, I can’t hang wallpaper and I’m pretty hopeless at even hanging pictures too. If you don’t believe me just look what happened to my wall!


This was my Christmas disaster and my attempt to hang a Christmas canvas print on the wall. I used a small hammer and hook. The wall plaster split and now the wall is a mess. Needless to say the Christmas picture got placed on the radiator instead.

Now if only I had one of these before Christmas!


This little gadget is a Hardwall Takker from the Takker Company. This little gadget is an absolute godsend for people like me and its a shame I had not come across it earlier. It would of saved so many disasters.


The Hardwall Takker is the perfect solution for hanging almost anything, be it pictures, canvas, clocks, mirrors or any household items, this is the thing to do it. It replaces the need for hammers, nails, screwdrivers and electric drills and needs no plug or batteries. The device itself is small and lightweight and can be stored away in a drawer. It comes with the following.

1 x Hardwall Takker (with Drill Bit)
24 x Hardwall Takks
4 x Brass Plated Picture Hooks
4 x Brass Plated Canvas Print Hangers
2 x Medium Multi-Purpose Hooks

Replacement hooks and accessories can easily be purchased on the website too.

I have recently received a beautiful canvas print of my 3 children which I really wanted on the wall. I also needed my Christmas mishap covering up so therefore decided to hang the canvas over the hole. As I am rubbish at any sort of hanging job I was a little apprehensive about even using the Takker. “What if I get the hole wrong” , “What if the wall falls down” yes random silly pre DIY attempt thoughts in my head.

The Takker works by way of a drill bit which is cleverly positioned bottom centre of the device.

To use the Takker, it’s best to first mark a hole. Then position the drill bit on the hole.


Take a deep breath! And turn the handle clockwise.

So I turned the handle and thought to myself “nothing is happening” I couldn’t hear anything I could not feel any pressure like a wall being drilled. I thought I must be doing something wrong so I pulled the Takker away from the wall and to my utter surprise!


Ha ha there was a hole. It was so simple I did not even realised a hole had been made. It took about 5/10 seconds to do too.
The holes are 3mm wide and up to 12mm deep on any hard surface. Once the hole is drilled a white tack can then be inserted with ease like this.


Then one of the hook accessories over the tack. In this case it’s a canvas print hanger. As you can see I am hanging this over the awful hole I created previously with hammer and hook.


The canvas print hanger actually reduces the need of hammering anything into the precious canvas prints. The sharp teeth of the hanger grip the back of it, allowing it to hang without extra hooks or wires. Now my canvas is hung and the wall disaster is covered up too. All in less than a minute.


One Takk can hold up to 12Kgs/27lbs when used with the Takker Multi-Purpose Hook. That’s a lot of weight. I have not used the multipurpose hooks yet but they do seem very strong and durable.
Takker is Suitable for brick, concrete block, mortar, plaster, wood and ceramic tiles and I believe it can even be used for making holes in outside walls. This will be useful in Summer for hanging baskets and outdoor accessories.
With the supplied picture hooks I am now able to hang some much needed photographs and pictures throughout my home which I was extremely wary of doing so before. Of course next Christmas will be an absolute doddle now I have this amazing little gadget to hang everything with.

The Hardwall Takker multipurpose hanging kit costs just Β£22.49. Much cheaper than a drill, hammer and nails and does the job so much easier.
Buy from Takker.com
Full instructions supplied, make sure you read them first.

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  1. Bonnie King
    February 12, 2015 / 20:46

    Wow when I read your review I did not expect it to be so cheap!
    I will be putting this on my ‘want’ list soon. Thanks.

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