A beautiful Chinese cabinet

As a blogger I obviously receive and review a fair amount of products and nice things. The majority of these products are things which I really like or that my children really enjoy and get a lot of use out of. It’s especially good when something arrives at my door that makes me shake with utter glee and think “wow” that is just amazing.
Well as luck would have it this post is about one of those “Wow factor” products and here it is.


This is my new Chinese Cabinet from The Nine Schools.

The Nine Schools produce and design Chinese and Oriental style furniture which includes cabinets, sideboards, tables and home accessories. Each piece of furniture is handmade in workshops which are checked, visited and ethically sustained in China. The furniture is then hand decorated and sprayed with paint and lacquer.

Chinese people often use symbols and patterns as tradition and to help inspire lives. The symbols include:

β€’The Butterfly – signifies young love and sociability – flitting from flower to flower.
β€’The Dragon – a symbol of power, strength and good luck.
β€’The Goldfish – helps bring wealth and energy and abundance into life.
β€’The Phoenix – a symbol of high virtue and grace.
β€’The Chrysanthemum – signifies a life of ease and good luck in the home

These symbols are seen on the stunning pieces of furniture sold at Nine Schools.

Nine Schools contacted me and asked if I would like one of their small cabinets. I sort of fell in love with the thing from the moment I saw the picture of it.
It arrived within a week and my first thought was that it is absolutely stunning it’s like a work of art.


Butterflies have a deep spiritual meaning to me. When my baby girl Keira died at just 10 hours old i started seeing butterflies everywhere and I see them often now as signs of her. This beautiful cabinet is full of beautiful butterfly images.

The images are so finely drawn, its obvious a lot of work has gone into this and I can say I have never seen such a beautiful piece of furniture like this.


The cabinets colour is stated as blue but I would say it’s more of a turquoise with hints of green, maybe an oriental blue if that makes sense. The immaculate gold leaf design and edging really compliments the blue colour and it is just so damn pretty.


There is a drawer at the top. I’m thinking this could fit in magazines or bits of make up.

The cabinet opens up by 2 doors which then fasten together with a metal latch. The cupboard space inside is quite generous for a cabinet of this size.



Even the door latch looks a work of art!

The top and sides of this piece of furniture are so smooth and shiny just look.


It’s made with Poplar wood and Plywood and measures 40W x 32D x 60H cms. It comes fully assembled too and just needs pulling out of the box which it comes very well packaged in.


Well I absolutely love this cabinet. They can be used anywhere in the home be it living/dining room or bedrooms. They would make good toy chests or bedside cabinets for children’s rooms and also bedside cabinets for adult rooms too. I am about to decorate my bedroom (after a year of waiting!) I am now considering either an oriental theme or a butterfly theme to fit with the cabinet. This cabinet will be the centrepiece for the new bedroom. I think it will make a lovely mini vanity chest.


Now for the price! It’s a top quality piece of furniture and also a piece of art. I think the price reflects how much work and craftsmanship goes into it and remember it comes ready built too and ready to use straight from the box. The price for this Chinese cabinet is Β£150.00. Delivery can take up to 2 weeks. The courier service is very reliable. They send a text message up to a week before with a delivery date and timeframe which can be changed. Then the courier rang me an hour before he arrived to let me know a time he would be here.

This eyecatching cabinet can be purchased directly here

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