Foodie Pals January

I have now been taking part in monthly food parcel exchanges for well over a year now. I love the surprise of a little box of goodies every month and also enjoy sending one too.
There is no December swap and the previous boxes I had were just not up to standard at all and so unfortunately not worthy of a post.
I am happy to say that this month I got a lovely package from Roz over at Eat Some Leaves. This was Roz’s first go at foodie pals and she sent me a lovely package. Roz lives in France and sent me lots of lovely chocolate, cakes and snacks of which we have all been enjoying.


I sent a package over to Gabrielle in Lithuania who seems quite happy with its contents.

Foodie Penpals is free of charge to join and involves sending a package of food goodies to a different person each month as well as receiving one.
Full information on how to take part can be found at This Is Rock Salt


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