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This lovely book arrived at our door a few days ago. It’s called Creaturepedia and must contain almost every single animal species there is. It’s an encyclopaedia of animals and designed in a fun way for young children.
Rather than the typical A-Z listings, Creaturepedia lists animals in specific categories for their appearance, noises they make or there personalities. Categories such as “big eared beasts” and “Poisonous”. The easy to use contents page at the front of the book tells the child where to find each type of creature.


There are over 600 creatures listed in this book. There is no long text, barely any reading at all. The animals are all shown in picture cartoon format with a brief introduction of their name and one simple fact about each. Many animals are also shown on pictured backgrounds showing them in their usual habitats (e.g – The ocean or trees)


Some of the animals will be familiar ones but there are many that I have never heard of or knew existed. I was also surprised to find both a section for “Vanished” animals showing the extinct ones such as dinosaurs and a category for mythical beasts such as unicorns.

It’s a lovely fun book which I think both children and adults will enjoy browsing through pointing out all the animals.


The book is hard backed and boasts a massive 200 pages lined with animal pictures. Both Jordanna and Izebella enjoy looking through it and Izebella happily shouts out any animals she recognises, which is quite a few.


This book does of course come with many educational benefits and enables children to find out more about animals which they may not have previously heard of.
It comes with an RRP of Β£14.99 and is currently available for pre order on Amazon for just Β£11.99. The release date is March 5th. More information can be found at Wide Eyed Editions

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