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I’m all for beauty products that claim to give healthier skin and have been testing out 2 facial serums from the Oz Naturals Beauty range.

The first is the Hyaluronic acid serum. When I first saw the name of this brain went into funny mode thinking of Hydrochloric which of course would melt my face off but this (although spelt similar) is a different product entirely.

This serum also contains many other natural products including aloe and witch hazel and is infused with Vitamin C and Vitamin E. It is suitable for Vegans and designed to plump and hydrate dull skin as well as filing lines and wrinkles and thus helping with the ageing process.

Next is the Vitamin C serum containing 20% vitamin C and similar ingredients to the other serum.

This one is designed to brighten the skin, give a youthful glow, fade out dark spots and even out the skin tone and texture.

I have been using both serums on a daily basis now for about 2 weeks. Facial serums are not a product that I particularly used much previously but I have noticed a difference in the way my skin feels since using them. It’s a lot softer for a start and free of dry spots. I have not had any adverse reactions since using these and no spots or pimples. I am quite lucky to look young for my age anyway so I cannot comment on the youthful/ageing process part and this would probably be a long process with continual use rather than a miracle effect.
My skin feels softer and smoother which I think in turn would help with aging.

I use the serums twice a day. Always before applying make up and then at night before bed. There is no reason why they cannot be blended together and applied in one go or can be used separately.

Both the serums come in 30ml glass bottles with dropper applicators. In a way they look like something you would find in a beauty lab and certainly have a very upmarket appeal to them.

The serums inside are clear liquids so it’s pointless trying to get a photograph of the liquid itself. I find the best way to apply is to squirt a few drops into my hand a gently rub into the skin on my face. It’s a nice cool feeling and the liquid dries and blends in very easily.
I will be continuing to use these products as I enjoy the way my skin feels after use.

Oz Naturals products can be purchased on Amazon. The Vitamin C serum for £15.95 and The Hyaluronic serum for £24.99.

More information on Oz Naturals products can be found on their website

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