Kids Stocking Fillers: Seascape les petits

I loved finding all sorts of bath products amongst my presents when I was younger and I still love my beauty products more than ever today. Jordanna being 7 also likes getting beauty and bathing products. Unfortunately I have to be careful what she uses as she seems prone to dry, itchy skin patches and odd small rashes which come and go. However there are plenty of natural milder products out there to choose from.

Like many ladies I am very familiar with the Seascape brand and it's selection of natural products. I have owned and used a fair few of them but what I did not know until recently is that Seascape have a selection of products designed for babies and children called Les Petits. Here is what Seascape say about their product range.

Our Les Petits range of oroducts are dermatologically tested and gently formulated for babies and children with sensitive skin. All products are mild enough for everyday use and naturally fragranced with essential oils safe for babies and children.

I was sent over the Les Petits body lotion which comes in gift box packaging and is a 300ml bottle.

The packaging and the bottle both feature a pretty sea horse design. The bottle itself looks just like one that mum has and therefore nothing too babyish. Jordanna is growing up too fast and won't use things if it looks like a baby item. The bottle comes with an easy pump nozzle which can easily be rotated to turn off/on and prevent little sisters and even older brothers playing with it.


This body lotion contains lavender, Chamomile, Shea butter, Olive oil and Jersey Beeswax. All natural products which help to moisturise, soothe and protect delicate skin.

I always test out any skin or bathing products prior to letting my children use them. This way I know that if I have any reaction to it then my children wont be using it. The lotion has a familiar Seascape scent with all the natural oils and products blended together. It dies not take long to dry into the skin and leaves skin feeling a smelling good.

There are a total of 5 products in the Seascape Les Petits collection including a Bubble bath, hair & body wash and gift sets. The price of this body lotion is Β£12.00 and makes a lovely beauty gift for little ones.


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