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I have been in dire need of some new hair straighteners for some time now. My old pair were making my hair very dry and I was constantly finding bits of my hair snapped off everywhere. Cloud Nine are certainly an upmarket brand of hair styling products and their straighteners have been top of my Christmas and birthday lists for sometime. Unfortunately Santa nor the birthday fairy never bought me them.., well until now that is! When my lovely courier gave me my Cloud nine package I was literally like a kid jumping for joy. Very very happy. They even arrived in their own special gift bag. It wad like an early Christmas morning.

I think many women would love a pair of Cloud Nines for Christmas!


I could not wait to use my new straighteners. They come as a gift set in a special gift box and with a Limited Edition heatproof stylecase. It's beautifully presented, the gift box is even wrapped with a ribbon. The straighteners can then be used immediately, straight from the box. Instructions are included but they are pretty self explanatory and very easy to use.

I chose the wide iron rather than the original iron as my hair is quite long and when in good normal condition it can also be quite thick. The wide iron plates are designed for longer thicket hair and the type of hair which takes a long time to style and manage. For normal or short hair styles the original iron does just as good a job.

There are 7 temperature controls to choose from. The control is located inside the plates. I did worry, “would there be a risk of catching my fingers?” But no it's carefully located away from the plates. The temperature is adjusted by two switches – hi and low. I tend to keep mine between the 150 and 200 marks.

They heat up very very quickly. As soon as I plug them in I can feel the heat instantly. Literally seconds and they are very hot so obviously I only have them on when none of my children are around, either night time or in the day if Izebella sleeps.

The Cloud Nines come with some fairly clever technology by way if a MICOM controlled heating system. The irons adjust the temperature themselves according the the thermal sensor. This allows for a totally even temperature across the whole ceramic surface,


As I have my hair coloured frequently it means I have to take care what I use on my hair or otherwise lol end up with a frizzy mess with split ends and hair breakage. My old straighteners caused more damage than good so I was eager to test and see how the renowned top brand lives up.

What Cloud Nine claim to do!

Unlike other cheaper models, the Cloud Nines have an ultra smooth infused ceramic surface which allows users to achieve incredible style results at lower temperatures. The floating plates cushion the impact and minimise dragging and pinching.

And The Verdict! Yes I can most defiantly see and feel the difference using these. They literally glided through my hair very smoothly and no pulling what so ever. I only needed 2 strokes on each section and my hair was more or less poker straight. I do use a little heat protection spray (Cloud nine state on their video that this is not always necessary with their plates) but unlike other irons there is no sizzling noise and my hair does not fry. I am so impressed with just how fast they get my hair straight. It means I can get up in the mornings ten minutes before my children do and give it a quick straighten. Previously it would take 30 minutes or longer to achieve the same results. I have noticed much much less breakage. There has been literally no broken strands on my carpet so it's fair to say that they do what they say on the box.

After bathing or being out in the rain, my hair goes very curly and frizzy. Sometimes I resemble a scarecrow if not styled. Just look at this mess.


And just a few minutes of sectioning and using the Cloud Nines and my hair is like this and perfect for a night on the town. My hair is straight and also much shinier thanks to the plates. It feels and looks much better since I strated using the Cloud Nine Wide Iron.

A protective guard is included in the gift set. This fits over the end of the irons which then prevents them from being opened and thus protecting surfaces and carpets. It also protects the irons from anything sticking to the surface. I put the guard on straight after use and inbetween use if I have to pause styling for any reason. Also included is a Heatproof style case. This looks just like a small make up case or wash bag. It's made from heat proof material and means the irons can be placed straight inside once unplugged

As well as straightening hair, these irons can also be used for curling, flicking and waving using various techniques. It's always best to section the hair first using clips and obviously make sure hair is completely dry before using or there is a risk of damaging both the hair and the irons. Cloud Nine have a useful video on the best way to use the irons here.

I am very happy with my new hair straighteners and I will never go back to using any other brand but these. Yes they do come at a higher price than many. The wide iron gift set comes at a price of Β£129.95 but I think it may save a few trips to the salon to get split dead ends cut off and of course save my locks from being cut short. I think as long as they last a good few years then it's worth the investment to have better looking hair and the fact that they work so fast is an absolute bonus. The high price would be my only negative but it's by far the best straightener I have ever used.


All Cloud Nine products can be purchased from their website and also from selected hair salons. Free delivery with the above product.

A great Christmas gift for all the ladies out there.










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