Sweetbee dolls house furniture (+Win a dolls house)

Last week you may remember my post about the beautiful big dolls house which Jordanna and Izebella now have from Big Game Hunters. Well of course no dolls house would be complete without a bit of furniture inside it and Big Game Hunters also sells some lovely furniture packs which compliment the Butterbee cottage house beautifully.

The packs of furniture come either as individual room sets priced at Β£14.99 each, in packs of 3 rooms for Β£40.00 or go the whole hog and buy all 6 packs together for a price of Β£80.00. With our dolls house we were kindly also set a 3 room pack of furniture which contained the parts for Kitchen, Bathroom and Children's bedroom.

Just like the dolls house my furniture arrived in plain boxes with no stickers or writing nor pictures showing what was inside. This comes in very useful if buying gifts early on and wanting to store them in wardrobes incase little hands go exploring. All the furniture was also well packaged with lots of bubble wrap and many smaller items wrapped in tissue paper.

All the furniture is made from wood, carefully handcrafted and lots of attention to detail. Some parts are quite small so it's important not to allow babies to get them. Luckily Izebella is long past the stage of putting everything in her mouth. Along with the wooden pieces comes many pieces of fabric used as mats and bedding to name a few and provide beautiful decoration.

First the Kitchen set which contains 4 big units and several smaller pieces. There is a cooker with a hob and oven which opens and a pot which site sits on the hob. A sink with an under cupboard which opens up and good for storing the smaller bits. Also a 2 drawer unit with 2 pull out drawer blocks and a cupboard with doors. Also 2 little chairs, a toaster and other smaller parts. The toaster even comes with a slice if bread too.


The Kitchen set comes in pretty pink and yellow themed colours and looks just like an old fashioned cottage kitchen. The parts all seem very solid too and pretty much unbreakable.



Next the child's bedroom. Many of these pieces came very carefully wrapped with tissue paper and there was also a bag containing fabrics.

There is a bunk bed with ladders to match, a set of drawers and a dressing table all in a turquoise colour. The fabrics include 2 bed duvets and pillows and a room rug. The dressing table has its own stool and there is also a lamp and a guitar and a few other pieces which I was unsure what some of them were but I guess my girls will use their imagination when playing with it all.

Unlike the house which only requires minimal assembly, the furniture requires no assembly at all. We just took it out of the box and put it where ever we wish in the house.




Finally the bathroom which comes with a shower, bath, toilet and a sink. The toilet lid lifts up and the shower comes with the curtain ready attached. The sink has a storage cupboard underneath and another floor rug is also included.

It's a very pretty set. Very life like but obviously on a much smaller scale.

All the furniture looks great once placed in the house. We only have 3 rooms file so in the new year I will hopefully be purchasing the other 3 pack of furniture which contains the living room, dining room and master bedroom. Big Game Hunters sell many other different branded furniture sets too as well as these so it may be a good idea to buy a few different sets as time goes on so my girls can mix and match as they please. They do of course also sell dolls for a dolls house so again this is something to consider for future gifts. Lucky enough Jordanna was bought some very small dolls last year and never used them and these look the perfect size for our dolls house.

A dolls house is a work in progress. Building it is just the start. The real fun is buying and even swapping furniture and accessories as the years go by and creating a home for the dolls however we wish.




p style=”text-align:center;”> WIN BUTTERBEE DOLLS HOUSE

Big game hunters have a fabulous competition to win a dolls house (in picture above) Head over to their page and find out how.



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  1. December 9, 2014 / 14:12

    my little lady would probably loose all the little bits!

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