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From the moment I knew what Christmas was there was one thing that I longed for each and every year as a little girl. It was of course the thing that many little girls wish for and that was a dolls house. “A real dolls house” that is tho I'm unsure what a fake dolls house would look like. I would walk past toy shop windows and gasp in awe at the huge pretty dolls houses lined with furniture and families. I would dream and wish and promise to be good if Santa only bought me one too, I guess I was just too naughty as I never got one.

Oh well onto Jordanna who has also asked Santa many times for a “real dolls house”. Now Jordanna isn't on the naughty list but the majority of dolls houses do not come cheap with many costing a few hundred quid. Then comes space as they can be quite big and finally the biggest hurdle with dolls houses is putting the damn things together. You may have read my previous posts about my lack of DIY skills. I am hopeless I cannot put anything together. I rarely hang anything straight either. I would also like to mention that a good friend of mine spotted a pretty looking dolls house in a well known supermarket a few years back. The price was very good so she bought one. She told me it took days, not hours to get the thing together and it consisted of planks of wood, tiny screws and glue. She said some of the screws would just not go in and holes in the wrong places, wood splintered etc. If that was me it woke if gone straight back on Boxing Day.

Well this Christmas Jordannas dreams have come true along with Izebella's and of course my childhood dreams as we now have a beautiful “real dollhouse”

This is our very own “Butterbee Cottage” from Big Game Hunters. I actually think it looks more like a mini mansion than a cottage. It's very pretty and needs no glue or tiny screws to put together.

It does require some assembly by way of slotting the pieces together, a little like a 3d jigsaw. Now for the majority of people this would probably take minutes as it is pretty straight forward but yet again my serious lack of putting things together got the better of me again and it did take me over an hour, but hey I did it at least.

The house arrived in a very big box. The box is plain with no pictures of the house meaning it could be ordered and stored in the box, put up Christmas Day and kids probably wouldn't think much of it, just a big box stood there really. Inside the box are several wooden panels wrapped in cardboard and bubble wrap. My first thoughts were “oh my god I will never beable to do this” Each panel has precut slots and connectors to all join together. The slots are all cut to precision and where they should be unlike many wooden self assembly things I have previously come across. There are instructions in the box in the form of a picture diagram (no words) I do think the instructions could perhaps be made a little clearer as I got a bit stuck especially with the roof bit. Building the house starts with the base which connects to a side panel, then one of the floors followed by the front of the house. Easy peasy so far. Then I tried the 2nd floor and it all collapsed on me. Aaagh! same thing happened again and I worked out I have to almost hug thr whole house together to get the other side panel and final floor panel on, once all on it seems much more sturdier.

The instructions aren't too clear on the roof panels but I eventually worked out that they slot through the chimney and over. The roof then lifts off or opens up for very easy access. There are 2 attic windows which cone with 2 bolts and are fastened on with a supplied Allen key. I did not find this bit too difficult.

With the help of my gorgeous little 2 year old (well not quite help! Ha) I finally built my first ever “real dolls house” all by myself. Feeling quite proud

It's a beautiful house, very pretty just the sort of thing I would of loved when younger. The windows inside the house already come with curtains. All the features of the house are already in place such as the door, chimneys, window shutters. The walls inside the house even look like they have wallpaper on.

The house has 3 floors in total and 2 staircases to divide the floors. The staircases are made with solid wood and fit into pre made slots and holes. They do tend to move about and fall out of place a bit. Not too sure if we have done something wrong there.

My girls both love their fabulous new dolls house. It is quite a good size being quite big but not too big that we do not have anywhere to put it. When assembled it measures H 600 x W 600 x D 300mm and is 1/12th scale. It is quite heavy. I can lift it with both arms but try to avoid doing so. It's weight is a good thing as it means it's more sturdy and strong and hopefully won't fall apart with a slight knock. I have chose to place the house on my girls bedroom floor. I feel it's the best and safest place for it to be. It means my girls have easy access to play with it and there is no risk of it falling off and breaking or harming anyone. It also means they can sit down and play with it as they wish.

I wish I had taken a picture of Jordannad face when she saw the house as it was priceless so shocked and happy and Izebella just says “My new house”

Of course the house looks pretty empty without any furniture but this will come shortly in another post as we have furniture too.

Butterbee cottage costs Β£94.99 this is a slightly reduced price from the Β£100 which it was previously. The price is for the house alone and furniture packs and a doll family can also be purchased from Big Game Hunters.

This is one toy that every little girl would wish for and even a few boys too although Ryan has declined to play with it.


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