Revellutions Police Car

Isn't it great when a big box arrives less than 7 weeks before Christmas? Well one little boy in my house was a very happy happy to find a remote control police car inside from revell germany The police car is part of thr all new Revellutions collection in which the cars come fully equipped and ready to go. They are also extremely tough vehicles designed to overcome obstacles and bumps.

This is the new RC police car which even comes complete with flashing lights just like the real thing. It has an American cop car design with 911 wrote on its side. I always think the American ones look much better than our British ones.

The car comes with a Lion battery and charger. The battery is removed and placed into the charger unit for about 60 minutes and then simply placed into the battery compartment of the car. This compartment can then be locked with a plastic key thing. The key is on the small side so I Sam making sure it's stored safely in a drawer. If I give it Ryan it will end up lost.

The remote looks more like a trigger rather than the standard rectangle 2 button remote. It requires 4 AA batteries. I swear by energiser and Duracell for gadgets like these.






Controlling the car is easy and smooth, so easy, that the car is aimed at those just 8 and over (another year for you Jordanna!). A full 60 minute charge gives approximately 30 minutes play time until it needs charging up again and therefore it's probably a toy which is best kept at home rather than constantly taken out.

The flashing lights make it all the more realistic of a real police car but on so smaller scale. This little car can reach impressive top speeds of 20km Orr hour and it's electronics remain protected from dust and even puddles as it is also splash proof.

It's tyres come with a quick change system meaning no tools are ended and it also features mechanical gear shifting. Slow gear for indoor use and Fast gear for outside. Believe me this moves very very fast and often crashes if there are obstacles or even people and feet in the way.


The car measures 30 cms approximately and weighs just under 600g. The only slight negative I had about this car was getting the thing out of the box. The control and battery are underneath the box and come out easily but the car was attached to the box by those tough plastic cables and wedged in very tightly. It was difficult to get the scissors in. If buying for a gift for a child I would recommend removing these beforehand to avoid moaning. Although it may be that mine was just packed in a little tighter than usual.

Ryan loves it, he is like a remote control gadget junkie. He plays with it inside and takes it outside, sometimes purposely driving it through little puddles just to splash Jordanna. He finds it easy enough to control and use.

This car does not come cheap tho so I do hope it lasts him a long time. It is available over on AMAZON with a price tag of Β£49.50. If I was buying one of these again or a similar model then it would have to be something he really wanted. It seems strong and durable and able to withstand knocks and bumps so I am hoping it lasts whatever Ryan puts it through.



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