Timeline are a collection of fun, educational card games. They come in 5 choices of subject – Inventions, Science & discoveries, Music & Cinema, general interest and Historical events.


I was able to choose one of the games to try out with my children and chose the Music & Cinema one which I was then sent from Esdevium Games

The games come in cute little tin and consist of 110 small picture cards, no board, no dice, no batteries.


Me and Ryan decided to have a couple of goes, just the 2 of us before explaining the rules to Jordanna who sometimes finds new game rules difficult and is also a little young with the game being aimed at 8 and over.

A quick glance through the instructions is all we needed as it's pretty straight forward. Ryan did question why there was no board if you have to make a timeline but the timeline is just created with the cards and can be placed anywhere.

The cards are all double sided with pictures either side but one side has a year printed on it. The other is a title of the movie or song on the card.

2-8 players can play. To begin with it was just me and Ryan. The instructions say to start with just 4 cards each but I think with 2 players you need more cards or it can be over quickly. The rest of the cards remain in a pile and all cards remain date side down.
A card from the pile is turned to reveal a year and the first player then taked one of their playing cards and either place it to the left or right of the dealt card (before or after that year). The card is then turned over to reveal the year. If guessed correctly it remains part of the time line and if wrong it goes to the bottom of the pile and the player gets a new card. The game continues with players placing cards where they think they belong in the timeline, which then gets bigger and bigger. It continues until players have used all their cards.

I was quite surprised to see some very up to date movies and songs in there. Many movie favourites too such as Titanic, Matrix and ET. There is music and film from many eras and even as far back as the 1400s right up until modern day. A few of them have caught me out, such as the Texas Chainsaw Massacre which I would of sworn was the 80s but apparently much older and Bohemian Rhapsoday which I really thought was the 1990s but again much older, just shows that parents don't know everything ha.


The cards are well designed with lovely images. You don't need to have a knowledge of film and music to play this either as the majority of it is guess work and the images on the cards also help a little too. The longer the line gets, the tougher it gets to place the cards correctly. It's fun, educational and we all enjoy playing it.

There is not any negatives or anything bad that I can say about the game. It’s really simple to play and the tin makes a great place for all the cards to be stored away. I think if it was player too often then players would probably begin to memorise the dates and then it would get pointless but it’s good for rainy days and for taking on the hols too. It also brings back a few memories with classic movies and songs.
This game is available to buy on Amazon for Β£11.12 and comes with free delivery too.

I would also like to try out one of the other titles in the series of these games. Ryan would no douby love the science one and the invention one sounds like a challenge too.


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