You probably know that I review a fair few RC toys and gadgets. Everything from planes to cars and more inbetween and Ryan loves them all. However they all seem to be aimed at boys, and yes I know girls can play with them too (before the gender neutral brigade start launching something at the screen). But!! Wouldn’t it be nice to have a RC toy that was aimed towards the girls too this Christmas???

Well now there is, meet Noomie!


Noomie comes from Wowwee toys, the very same company who make Elektrokidz which I reviewed a few month back.

Noomie is a very odd looking but loveable little thing. It looks like a bright funky hedgehog crossed with an alien on wheels.


. Big huge eyes and a kind of puzzled look on her face to begin with.
Noomie needs batteries to begin with and 3 in total (AA size) luckily she comes with an on/off switch as she can get a little giddy at times. As she is an RC toy she obviously comes with a remote control too.



From the moment Noomie is switched on she will spin and dance, her eyes will open and close and she will babble and chatter away in her own language called Noomain. It sounds Chinese but there is a translation guide included so we can understand her a little better.


Noomie comes with 6 accessories too which are all interactive and make Noomie do different things.


The dummy makes her a baby, the cowboy hat a cowgirl
Here’s a little video we made testing her out.

Noomie will adopt different personalities depending what accessory is used. The accessories are easy to push in and simply pull out. More than one accessory can be used at the same time, and she does quite a bit of talking and spinning without the accessories too.


The remote will control Noomies actions. Buttons for shake, dance, talk, direction buttons and an intro. Without the use of the remote she seems to simply do her own thing and babble away to herself.
She has over 450 sounds and many unique actions can be unlocked. She is also touch sensitive and will respond to a light touch when she has been quiet for a few seconds.

Noomie is a very cute fun little thing. Jordanna is loving her. She now has her own little robot and a female one too. Jordanna has said that Noomie reminds her a little of a Furby but a much better toy as Noomie does a lot more (her words). Jordanna and Noomie are getting very pally.

It can be a little annoying as it chatters away in it’s own language with a Chinese type accent, then it will appear to sleep for a few minutes and I think it’s switched off, but no it then wakes up and starts again. At least there is the off switch.


Noomie comes with an RRP of $49.99 so I think that’s around Β£30-Β£35.
She is a very new toy which I am sure will be hitting the UK toy stores and websites very soon. Look out for this one as I am sure all the little girls will want one.

Oh she comes in a choice of other colours too.


  1. November 7, 2014 / 20:33

    It looks cute – but I do try to avoid buying stuff that’s “aimed at girls” in all honesty πŸ™‚

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