Elektrokidz are music inspired collectables. There are 6 different ones to collect. They dance to the beat of the music that your listening to.

The Elektrokidz look a little like the retro troll dolls from the 80s/90s era but with a more updated funky look. They stand bold like little cool dudes. They all have brightly coloured funky fab hair do’s which stick up and out, a little like Jedward.
Here is our little dude. He has a gold body and bright pink and blue hair.


Each Elektrokid figure comes with removable sun shades to make them look even cooler.

Ours came with pre installed batteries which go inside the feet. They take 4 small cell (watch type batteries) and a further extra 4 batteries are also included.
There is an on/off switch and once switched on it’s belly button is pressed to activate. Once activated and put close to a source of music, the figures hair will go a little wild and start moving about in all sorts of directions to the beat of the music.
To see what I mean, watch our video clip HERE


The Elektokidz in my opinion have a retro appeal to them. They remind me of the troll dolls combined with one of those dancing flowers or dancing coke cans of the 80s/90s era of which I’m sad to say I had both.


I have given our new little Elektokidz guy to Ryan and he loves showing his friends what it does and how it’s hair bobs about to his tunes. He keeps it on his desk next to his stereo. It’s quite a novelty thing and good fun.

Elektrokidz are part of the WowWee you group
For information about Elektrokidz and where to buy them. Visit the website.



  1. July 29, 2014 / 10:54

    That looks so cool…..They do remind me of Trolls from years ago x

  2. google.com, pub-6419179042586861,DIRECT,f08c47fec0942fq0

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