Eyeball treats and more


Imagine my surprise and sheer terror when the postman bought me a package and upon opening I was greeted with these bloody gruesome eyeballs!


Not one, but 12 of the gruesome things, full of blood and veins and all staring and glaring at me. Like something from a horror movie.


Well eyeballs taste good I have turned into a zombie creature feasting on eyeballs and blood!
Okay no of course I haven’t. These very decorative Halloween fancies are infact cakes and come from The Cake Nest over in Derbyshire.
I thought they were very effective, roughly eyeball size and ghastly great
decoration. White like eyeballs and with blood vessels and veiny things all over them.


Inside of course is the best bit. A sweet strawberry spongy gooey cake mixed with buttercream (then dipped in white chocolate) in bright red, just like blood!

They taste rather delicious tho and hard to put down once I had tried one. Of course Izebella won’t say no to feasting on an eyeball either.


These eyeballs are handmade to order at Β£15.00 a tray and delivered to your door. Will go down very well at Halloween parties.

If you don’t want scary eyeballs then maybe a few other Halloween cakes will do the trick (or treat!)

Yes all of these marvellous cake creations can be purchased from Cake Nest along with a whole selection of other cakes and treats suitable for other occasions and any time of the year.



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