Origins Plantscription anti-aging serum

For the past week or so I have been trying out a new facial skin product by the name of Plantscription.

The product comes from a company called Origins.
Origins sell natural products made from ingredients derived from plants and natural Earth and sea substances.
Origins products are developed under the guidance of Dr. Lieve DeClercq. Dr. DeClercq heads the Origins global plant science team and has a PhD in Plant Physiology.
The organic ingredients are all of course 100% natural.

So I am currently trying out the Plantscription anti-aging power serum . I am currently 37 years old and although I may look young for my age I realise this will not always be the case. It’s important to establish a good skincare routine with premium products.

It is recommended to use the serum twice daily. Am and Pm and therefore best when I wake up and just before bed.
It’s comes out as a rather thick yellow cream which is almost like honey. It has a zesty citrus aroma with hints of lavender. Quite a pleasant smell.


Application was mess and stress free. Blends in very easily and no greasy or sticky feeling.
The product is formulated with Anogeissus along with a fair few other extracts such as Crithmum, Bamboo, Pea. It helps to improve stubborn lines and wrinkles within just 2 weeks. It also addresses other ageing problems such as uneven tone, rough patches, firmness and moisture loss.

I can certainly feel some results. Mainly softer skin and the odd spot which was there previously has now disappeared.

This serum does not come cheap. At Β£48 for just 30ml it may seem like a pretty hefty price to pay. However if it does what it claims to do and that is reduce wrinkles and lines then Β£48 maybe is not too bad a price to pay for my skin.

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