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My courier looked a little worn out when he turned up with not one but a massive 10 cartons of shakes at my door. That’s over 100 bottles of the stuff.

The shakes are a delicious tasting mixture of several varieties. All healthy. All nutritious and all good for different things.
The shakes can be found across two websites which belong to the same company. Lacka Foods and The Protein Drinks company.



Be Fast shakes are designed for breakfast on the go. I am not a breakfast person I’m afraid to say. I cannot recall the last time I sat and ate breakfast. I don’t like cereals, I do not have time to make toast and nor do I ever feel hungry in the mornings. These shakes are different to eating breakfast. For one it’s a drink and two they taste very very nice, especially straight from the fridge first thing in the morning.


The shakes come in 4 flavours. Banana, Strawberry, Vanilla and Chocolate. Being in handy 250ml size bottles they are perfect for taking with you in the morning rush. Or just drinking there and then.
Be Fast contain a healthy blend of fibre, vitamins and minerals. Everything you need for a healthy start to the day.
The shakes reduce the stress and time of preparation. They need no preparing whatsoever. No mixing, no blending, no spoon and no water. Just take out of the fridge, shake and open.

I was sent quite a few of these. I love the taste. I love all the flavours. They have quite a creamy smooth taste and the flavours are strong too. I can taste the banana, the strawberry, the vanilla and of course the chocolate. I have had milkshakes in the past where the flavours are really bland and all I could taste was milk but the Be Fast are just bursting with flavour.
Another great thing about these shakes is that if you buy a few then you can store them in a cupboard (if your fridge is lacking space) then siny chill the desired amount the night before. They are best drunk chilled and are so refreshing in this recent heat wave. I never thought milk drinks could taste so good in Summer. I don’t usually drink much milk but these are quite addictive. They don’t just have to be for breakfast either. They make a perfect refreshment most times of the day.

As well as my Be Fast breakfast shakes. I am also trying out a selection of other shakes too.

Details of these among a few others can be found at The Protein Drinks Company.
These shakes are designed to aid towards healthy lifestyles and weight loss plans. They all help with different things.

UFIT contains 15g of protein goodness and longer lasting energy from super wholegrain liquidised oats! With added fibre, calcium, vitamins and minerals.
Another great breakfast shake with added healthy extras and in both chocolate and strawberry flavour.

USLIM I was happy to find these weight loss shakes in my huge package. I am trying to tone up and lose a tiny bit of weight. These also come in both strawberry and chocolate flavour.
I was a little unsure when I first saw the bottle and what it contained. They contain a blend of “Green tea & Green coffee extracts”. Which are obviously known to aid weight loss. I hate the taste of Green tea. (Never tried Green coffee). I gave it a go anyway and to my surprise I cannot taste any Green tea at all. Just a lovely flavoured milk drink.

The USLIM also contains 15g of essential protein along with vitamins and minerals and no added sugars.

I have been drinking at least one of these a day along with one of the breakfast shakes. I must be doing something right as I am pleased to say I have actually lost just under 3lbs in less than two weeks.

Collagen and Beauty milk I too had to look twice at the name of these when I saw them. I have never heard of a beauty milk shake before.

This small red bottle actually contains –
*12g essential protein
*5000mg skin firming collagen
*Antioxidant green tea extracts
*Vitamins & minerals
It comes in a strawberry blend and the advice is to consume daily for visible results. Again I could not taste any green tea what so ever.

I am loving all my shakes in every flavour and variety. They all taste so good, so refreshing. I cannot say if they alone are helping me shed a little weight but they are certainly contributing to it. They are great as meal replacements and I do find they seem to fill me up sufficiently. However that’s just me and it’s important to seek advice before attempting any sort of diet or meal replacement plan.
These shakes are very addictive. I often find myself reaching in the fridge for another one. I still have a fair few left but will be sad when they are all gone. I will have to go out and buy some more.

All the shakes I have mentioned have just launched in Tesco and Holland & Barrett stores.


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