Thank the Teachers with a gift from Baylis & Harding

The school year is almost at an end and the six week holidays in sight. Many schools, including my children’s school, close next week. My kids can’t wait. Tho I know they will be bored halfway through.
You may have already seen mums or other children lined with small gift bags or cards, smiling happily as they hand them over to the teacher.

I personally have mixed views on the whole teacher gift issue. I realise they do a fabulous job teaching our children, but it is their job and a job they chose to do. You wouldn’t go to your local supermarket and give a checkout assistant a gift even tho they work very hard too. I also think it’s getting like a competition between the parents. Like who can buy the teacher the best or most expensive gift. Maybe a way of winning around the teacher even.

Many teachers do a brilliant job and if you do choose to buy your child’s teacher a gift, then it does not have to be an expensive one. Just a token of appreciation to say thanks.

Baylis & Harding have a great selection of affordable luxurious gifts. Just perfect for that special teacher.
The first is a special hand lotion, made with Lemon Blossom and White Rose.

Hand lotion is like a perfect gift for teachers at the end of a tiring school year. Teachers hands are always in use, writing, marking, using a computer. Their hands go through a lot and I am very sure most teachers would appreciate this especially given the brand name of Baylis & Harding. This lotion is only £2.15 too but many people would think it cost much more.

Now if your child has a great teacher but that teacher happens to be male. Then never fear as Baylis & Harding also have gifts for male teachers too. Such as this men’s hand wash and lotion duo set.

This set is in Mosaic black pepper and ginseng fragrance. Perfect for males everywhere. It looks very upmarket and like the giver has put a lot of thought and effort into choosing it.
This set costs £10.00. So in my opinion it would need to be an extra special teacher who went out of their way for me to buy something such as this.
However the set itself is I think excellent value. I just wouldn’t spend that much on my child’s teacher I’m afraid to say.

The two above gifts would of course be perfect for anyone (not just teachers) and would make lovely gifts all year round and especially for Christmas time which is not too far away now.


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