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A nice smelling house always makes me feel so much happier and better in myself. I hate certain smells. Smells such as must, damp, stale food smells etc. I am always buying and spraying air fresheners in every room. Sometimes I think I go over the top and maybe I am a little obsessed with my house smelling nice.
I also like little accessories, gadgets and nice ornamental things. So when you get something pretty that is also fragranced then it’s like a double bonus for me.
This post is all about a company called Forever Scented. They sell a lovely selection of fragrances and fragranced items to keep the home smelling nice and fresh.
The collection includes items such as pretty silk floral diffusers which look good on a window sill and much better than those plain plug in things. Also artificial plants, glass lamps and vases.

The products come in many choices such as different coloured vases and different shapes and styles.

There are also many different colognes available, each one making homes smell amazing.

I was sent a lovely product, which comes in very useful for my clothes (not that they smell). It is a Scented Wax Pendant costing just Β£10. The way to use these is to either hang in a wardrobe by attaching the rope to a hanger or put it inside a drawer which is what I do. Then when I open my drawer I am consumed by the aroma of delightful Luxury red roses. There are of course many other aroma options available but I imagine they all smell just as good. It makes my clothes smell so nice. They can also be hung in the bathroom, hallway, airing cupboards etc. They are quite pretty to have on show and they can be used in the car too. I always find cars to be so smelly with the petrol fumes.

They are quite big and so I think the wax fragrance part should last a long time. I think it probably dissolves gradually over time. I have only had it in my drawer a few days so can’t really comment on how long it lasts etc.
I think they make very nice pretty gifts and you can’t help but love the aromas.
To buy one of these or any other fragranced floral item, visit Forever Scented

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