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If I had to name my favourite supermarket then Morissons wins without a doubt. I love the variety and quality of products in their store. The reason I don’t shop there that often is because it’s about 2 – 3 miles away and I don’t drive.
A great opportunity arose from the lovely people over at Britmums.
Britmums asked a few bloggers to take part in a bank holiday themed project in partnership with Morrissons.

Morrissons have recently cut the prices of many of there items. These cuts are not temporary or part of a sale but permanent cuts.

So we were sent some vouchers and asked to go to Morrisons to buy our bank holiday shop. We could go any day between May 1st to May 5th (when the price cuts began). The challenge was to buy the things we normally buy. See what we could get for how much and how many and tell Brit mums about our experience.

Off we go
Armed with the vouchers, a shopping trolley and my helper Jordanna, off we went. The other two were getting looked after as 3 kids and a busy supermarket do not mix ha.
The Morrisons in Bolton is big. So many aisles full of lovely products. There is a distinct smell everytime I go in there, not a bad smell but more the smell of fresh food.
Anyway there are price cuts to be found all over the store, clearly displayed by signs showing which products have been cut. Everything in Morrisons looks so well displayed and presented. The fruit stalls look so colourful, the meat and fish so tempting. The freezer aisles all neatly packed.

I would say we were there for about 40 minutes and our spend came to £78.60, just slightly under budget of £80.

Home and unpack
When we got home and unpacked I was quite surprised at just how much I had bought, my fridge was bursting with food. Good job it was previously empty.


I bought lots of fruit- apples, bananas, strawberries and satsumas. Lots of fresh meat including steak, ribs, bacon, kievs. Some frozen products, fish, yoghurts and of course some packs of chocolate bars which were all £1 each.

My lovely children kindly helped me put it all away; including Izebella who seemed rather fascinated by it all.



In the middle photograph above you will see Ryan holding up the new Walkers Linekers footy favourites. A multi pack containing 20 bags of meaty flavour crisps. Bought out to coincide with the World Cup of course and costs just £3 for the whole bag. Not too sure how long these will last in my house. We all love crisps.

What we made/ate and enjoyed
Now we had our full fridge freezer and well stocked cupboard it was time to decide what to make. As we had so much we were quite overwhelmed with choice.
I decided on a very traditional British dish to begin with. Steak & Chips. I love steak but don’t really understand the cuts and which is best. Anyway Morrisons meat is incredibly great value and quality. These prime rump steaks start as low as £2.40 each.

A bag of frozen oven chips just £1.00 and a packet of peppercorn sauce was about 50p. To feed four of us this meal it cost £6.30 (2 steaks) but take into account that I still have half the bag of chips left then it’s £5.80 which between 4 equals £1.45 each. Izebella can eat steak too. I just make sure it is well choose up for her.


Meal number 2 The second Morrisons meal I made was surprisingly kipper. I had not actually had these for a few years. I won’t buy them frozen like some supermarkets sell and I won’t buy them unprepared or with heads on. Morissons sell the kippers in trays with two in each. Each tray costs from 90p upwards depending on weight.

Izebella obviously cannot eat these and Ryan refused to so they had something else. Me and Jordanna had these with some toast and a a large tub of fresh pasta salad and salad from Morissons salad bar. (£2.99 for a large tub)


I find Morissons salad bar very appealing. It seems to draw me to it like a magnet each time I am there. Always plenty of choice and new additions each time. Only thing is I often put too much in and then the thing won’t close properly.
This meal came to £5.40 between 3 of us as Izebella ate the pasta salad too. £1.80 each portion.

Snacks I purchased lots of snacking items including the above mentioned crisps and chocolate bars. Izebella enjoys her light snacks during the day such as fruit and cracker bread like this.

The bananas are purchased in packs of about 7 for £1.29 and the Ryvita crackerbread costs just over £1 too. The crackerbread will keep fresh and crispy in a bread bin so will keep for many snacks.
yoghurts are one thing that we eat lots and lots of. Morrisons sells so many different varieties that I was spoilt for choice. However they and they alone sell my all time favourite yoghurts.

Longley Farm Yoghurts I had these when younger and then one day spotted them in Morrisons and was instantly hooked. The flavour of these is amazing. They even do a real hazelnut one with real hazelnut pieces which is delicious. I bought 12 of these altogether at 39p each one. I also got a large pot of Morrisons own yoghurt, some kids fromage frais and some toffee desserts. Yummy
For desserts Morrissons offers a huge selection of cakes, ice cream, sweet pies and potted desserts. Both fresh and frozen.

This huge pot of Eton Mess is a traditional British Classic which combines strawberries, meringue, cream and other treats. This particular one also had big chunks of chocolate mixed in

Eton Mess is £2.49 and plenty for four of us.
Breakfast items are a plenty in the aisles of Morrissons with a whole aisle full of different cereals for both adults, children and the whole family as well as breakfast bars. Of course if you want something a little bigger and cooked there is also a great selection of bacon, eggs, sausage and beans at very low cost.


For just £7 or there abouts I was able to make a good English breakfast for us all. Adding up to less than £2 per person. Much cheaper than any cafe. Our bread was also from Morissons

As were my Yorkshire Tea bags

Which make a lovely cup of tea.

A bank holiday would not be the same without some lovely barbecue meats. The only problem being that I do not own a barbecue and have no immediate plans to purchase one.
Anyway this did not stop us from enjoying barbecue foods.
Morrisons have a massive shelf of fresh meats which you would typically find on a barbecue. Meats such as burgers, sausage, chops, flavoured chicken and much more. Many of it is on a very special 3 for £10 deal.

I chose Pork steaks, Chinese ribs and beef shish kebab. Added some onion rings and dinner for all was done.

For this meat feast I had a friend round so it only cost £2 per person.

I purchased many more produces from Morrisons too such as fresh fruits, milkshakes, smoothies, bread, butter, milk, toilet roll, washing powder, baby wipes, tinned goods and things I buy in my weekly shop.
If I had shopped else where then I do believe it would have cost me much more.



  1. May 9, 2014 / 15:15

    Great to see your children helping you out. Love your choices including the kippers. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part.

  2. May 13, 2014 / 12:24

    Looks like you did really well there, and so many delicious buys – Eton Mess is one of my favourites, so I really want it now! #Tried&Tested

  3. Colette B
    May 13, 2014 / 18:41

    Longley Farm! My Grandma loved those, we used to have to travel to specific little stockists to get them for her. She was so pleased when they turned up in her local Asda!
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

    • May 13, 2014 / 18:41

      Oh I wish they were in my local Asda it’s much closer than Morrisons

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