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Gousto is the latest food subscription service which I have had the pleasure of sampling recently.
Gousto is a food/recipe service. It works by going to their website Gousto UK, signing up and then choosing 3 delicious recipes from a selection of ten. The recipes include both meat and fish dishes along with a selection of vegetarian options too. There is a choice of meals for 2 or 4 people.
Once chosen. Everything you need to create the recipes, plus instruction cards is delivered by courier to your home. The meat and fish items are carefully packed in ice to keep them fresh on their journey.
Gousto was launched by two friends and started at a market stall. It has quickly evolved into a whole team of people.
The aims of the Gousto subscription is to save both time and money trying to shop around got ingredients and trying to decide what to make. Gousto ingredients are sourced straight from the farm and the fruit and vegetables are organic. Gousto boxes are full of delicious ingredients from farmers
to natural methods meaning the fruit and vegetables are free from chemicals and additives.
Gousto is also a great way to try different foods and recipes.
Gousto boxes can be purchased on a weekly basis or however often you wish and the subscription can be stopped or paused at any time.
The subscription for 2 people is approximately Β£42. This includes delivery and would probably cost much more if you went to a supermarket and got the same ingredients.


My box was just bursting with great ingredients. I chose 2 meat recipes and one fish.
My box arrived early morning and I did not waste any time in preparing the first one for my lunch. There is no set order which the recipes need to be made in, but a guide comes with the box advising you of when the recipes should be made by.

Recipe 1
My first recipe is Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Salad with fresh herbs. This is dish is certainly not something that I would of considered making myself. It looks complicated with all the different ingredients but it is infact very easy. The only thing I had to cook was the chicken; which needed boiling (something I have not done before). The dish really just involved chopping up a few ingredients like I would for a salad and then tossing everything together. It made a great lunch. There was plenty of ingredients. The meal was for 2 people but I could of very easily made enough for 3 or even 4. The noodles are very filling. I love the fact that I know exactly what went into this meal. All fresh ingredients.


Recipe 2
Second to cook is a lovely and rather unusual Honey-Soy salmon with Wasabi mash. I enjoy fish dishes and love salmon. I don’t make it often as I’m not big on handling it and also it gets quite boring if eaten alone. This recipe gives the salmon a whole new flavour.
To make this dish I had to chop up courgettes which were later lightly fried. Peel, chop and mash potatoes. Cook salmon in oven and make an easy honey marinade. A pot of wasabi was included too. I know from past experience how strong this stuff is so I only added a very tiny amount to my dish.
Once again. Another great healthy lunch time treat.


Recipe 3
My third and final recipe delight was Pork tenderloin tagliatelle. The meal required a pork tenderloin joint, mushrooms, pasta and a few other ingredients. The method involved searing the pork before oven roasting and chopping an onion, mushrooms, herbs and garlic. A sauce was made using a stock cube and cream and blended with the ingredients and pasta. This was probably my favourite dish out of the 3. The sauce had a delicious rich mushroom flavour and the pork was just right. Hard to believe I made this myself.


I enjoyed making meals with Gousto. I can now keep the recipe cards and remake them all if I wish.


  1. April 17, 2014 / 14:22

    Is that Β£42 for only 3 meals a week, i.e. Β£14 for each dinner? In which case you could get the Tesco Β£10 meal deal with wine and pudding.

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