iball4 and the Isis Adventure

Sonic Games UK sells mind bending puzzles. Many of which are extremely difficult to crack or solve. Their selection of tricky but beautiful puzzles include the well known Isis which comes in different versions and an array of rather spectacular designs and shapes. The Isis, should one manage to eventually crack one, will contain a special key and code which will lead to a prize. These puzzles are designed for serious puzzle solvers. They are engineered with precision and perfect structure.Yes they can seem pricey to buy but i guess when you look at just how stunning and complex they are, not too mention the possibilty of a great prize then its easy to understand the price tag. Solving them is extremely difficult. They are known as the worlds most difficult puzzle.
The Isis puzzle was created by Andrew Reeves who also runs the Sonic Games company. Along with the beautiful puzzles comes a book called The Isis adventure.

This book takes you on a journey into the mind of the author, explaining how the Isis came about. The first chapter gives a brief explanation of who Andrew Reeves is and his childhood. It goes into detail to describe Andrews passion and keen interest in puzzles and his fascination with Egyptian Pyramids and Egyptian civilisation. The Isis puzzles began as a website called the Isis adventure.
Chapter 3 of the book is all about how the “Isis puzzle” itself came about. The design, the theories, materials and how it got the name Isis. Isis is infact a goddess with mystical powers.
From then on the book goes into depth, describing with detail how the Isis business bloomed and descriptions of other puzzles in the Isis collections, the prizes and much more. There is even help along the way on how to solve some of the puzzles.
I don’t own an Isis myself but I found the book a rather exciting read. Lots of mystical elements and it never seems to get boring. It’s rather intriguing and a little addictive once I started reading.

Apparently I am told that this book contains four hidden codes in it’s pages that require deciphering. What and where are the codes you may ask? Well I have absolutely no idea and if I did I wouldn’t tell ha.
I am not too sure at the time of writing this, if the codes have been solved, but there is a hefty prize awarded to the first 4 adventurers to solve this.
The book is hard backed with a stunning gold trim effect. It can be purchased directly from Sonic games for Β£20.


The iball4 is a rather addictive little game. It’s hard to put done once used to it. It’s basically a green ball with buttons and lights. There are 3 different games which involve light sequences. The object of the games is speed and memory.


The 3 games are
Light Speed – turn out the lights as fast as you can in 60 seconds.
Follow the lights – memorize as many lights in the correct order.
Beat the sequence – predict the colour sequences in 60 seconds.
The games can be changed by pressing two of the buttons. Inside the ball are ingenious electronics which include a timer and high score keeper via a LED display. If a mistake is made, red lights come on and it’s a case of starting over again.
The puzzle games may sound easy but they are not. Following the lights or remembering a sequence can get very confusing especially if playing for a while. The lights can start to make everything quite distorted after a long time of playing.


The Iball4 also came with it own prize which involved entrants uploading videos of their puzzle solving to YOU TUBE. I guess lots of practice will eventually get me to be a lot faster.
The puzzle can be played by anyone aged 6 and over. It can also be played by up to 4 players making it a good thing for families.
To learn more about the iball4 and to watch a video about it, visit the iball4 website

As a child I was also fascinated by puzzles such as these and still am.Unfortunately it seems I’m probably not the best at solving them.

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