Bloom, Bump and Baby

Bloom, Bump and Baby sell good honest skincare products blended from the purest oils and handmade with love. Their products are 100% free from hidden nasties – just as nature intended for babies, new mums and mums-to-be.
Their products are also handmade using the purest ingredients suitable for pregnancy, birth and beyond.

The products come in four different ranges.
β€’ Mum to be
β€’ New mum
β€’ Baby
β€’ Mother & baby
I was sent a selection of the products to test for myself.

First out of the “Mum to be range” is a stretch mark defence body oil.

I was very lucky during my pregnancies to not get hardly any stretch marks. I have seen friends who have quite a few and they can be quite upsetting if you do end up with them. This oil can be used during pregnancy and for best results twice a day. Morning and evening. It contains lavender, neroli and evening primrose oils.
I’m obviously not pregnant and do not have any plans to be. However this oil is also great for hydrating the skin as well as massages. The oils help to aid restful sleep too so it will be used.

The next product from “baby range” is called Botty Balm quite a funny name I thought.

The Botty balm is a product for little bums. It can be applied regularly at nappy changes and helps to protect against nappy rash and also soothe sore baby bums. It contains a whole host of natural oils and has a thick waxy like feel to it.

My next product is also one I can use myself and comes from the “mother and baby range” it’s a body butter with olive oil and Shea butter.

This body butter feels lovely and soft,it blends into skin with ease and seems to dry quickly. Both mums and babies/children can use the body butters.
For more information about Bloom, bump and baby products and how to purchase them. You can visit their website

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