House full of coughs and sniffles

Why do colds and coughs hit everyone at once. I’m fine coping with 3 children who are unwell but when I’m hit with it too it makes everything ten times harder. I started a week ago with a very sore and dry throat. Then came the runny nose. The sore throat went after a few days (thank god) and along came the aches and chills and burning head. Then little Izebella got ill who is also teething. Followed by Ryan and Jordanna who had a rather mild dose of what ever this is.
I’m still unwell and wish it would go away soon and poor Izebella seems to stop and start with it.
I have not been to the doctors. There are always posters up saying not to bother the doctors for a cold and cough and just let it run it’s course, however mine has been running a very long course of over a week now and feeling worse by the day.
I guess I may have to attempt to ring the doctor on Monday if neither me or Izebella are any better. When I say attempt that’s exactly what I mean. The phone is constantly engaged even on ring back and takes hours to even get through.


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