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As you know I have a tiny princess named Izebella. Izebella may only be one year old and she can’t yet walk and doesn’t understand much, but like most princesses she loves to be pampered and washed and smell beautiful just like a little princess should. Little Izebella wanted nice things to use against her delicate baby skin, something that used natural products, something that smelt great and something that was kind and gentle to her skin.
One day came a knock at the door and a nice postman bearing goods. Inside the packet was a little bag full of goodies with the name miamoo which looked perfect for my little princess.

Izebella being very inquisitive really wanted to know what this gorgeous little bag had inside.

So Izebella along with help from mummy opened up the little bag and was surprised to find just how many lovely miamoo products were inside. All of these wonderful things.

So who is behind the making of these wonderful little products we wonder? Well miamoo is the idea of a Saira Khan who suffered with dry skin problems since being a young child. She suffered for years and endless trying of various creams and lotions and eventually decided to develop her own range of products and hence miamoo was created.
Miamoo does not contain any nasty chemicals and uses a year free formula to protect young eyes.
Izebella gets the odd dry skin patches mainly in the creases of her legs and under her arms which can get a lite sore and cracked. Big sister Jordanna used to have very dry skin on her legs and stomach and both get dry cheeks in the cold weather.
Both of my little princesses were rather curious and amused with this cute miamoo travel set.

There are 7 lovely products in the travel set. Saira recommends following her 3 step routine with the enclosed products to prevent dry skin.
First part is washing and lots of fun and the first products to use are Splashy wash (for bath and body) this makes lots of bubbles and massages into Izebellas skin. It has a lovely warm fresh smell and contains aloe vera, lemon oil, jojoba and chamomile. Lots of natural oils and loveliness which is kind to the skin and will also help my little princess relax in time for bed.

Little Izebella had so much fun with her new Splashy wash splashing away in the bubbles whilst getting nice and clean. A wash cloth is enclosed too and Izebella took it out of my hands trying to wash herself.
Next it was time to wash Izebellas hair. She has a lot of hair for her age which needs special products. Fresh Locks shampoo has beautiful scents of lavender and geranium it helps get rid of cradle cap aswell as making hair shiny soft and smelling angelic.

After a very fun bath with the new miamoo products, little Izebella was reluctant to come out and made a bit of a fuss. I guess she really enjoyed splashing about with the splashy wash.
Once out it was time to Moisturise with our Huggy lotion this one has sweet almond oil and marshmallow extract. Perfect for after bath Huggy times with mum. I applied to her face and body. It rubbed in very easily and dried quickly and leaves Izebellas skin feeling nice and soft.

20140123-195747.jpg I also gave her a mini massage as the third step in the routine with the miamoo baba oil again this also dried very easily meaning she wasn’t left undressed and cold for too long.
Cheeky Cream is funnily named and for those little bums and bum cheeks and is a natural barrier cream to protect against nappy rash.

The final product is called Spritz and Wipe and it has numerous uses including wiping dirty hands and faces or even wiping whilst changing a nappy or using on mummies hands etc.
After the 3 step routine – washing, moisturising and massage little Izebella smells gorgeous and lookalike the clean little princess once again.

All the products are 30ml size and come in a see through zipped pouch. They are light and compact making them perfect to pack in luggage and take away on a holiday. This is also perfect for a mum to be and for expectant mums to put in a hospital bag for those first few days in hospital. I think this is something I would of considered putting in my hospital bag when having my children as they were all born by caesarean so I had to stay in hospital a few days each time.
The miamoo travel set costs Β£15 and can be purchased from miamoo website.

miamoo sell lots of exciting skincare and bathing products both for adults and children. They are kindly offering my blog readers a 10% off all products using the special code Blog13 at the checkout.
Please also follow miamoo on FACEBOOK and TWITTER to be kept updated on new products and skincare advice.
I hope you will enjoy the miamoo products as much as we do.

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