Chaos before Christmas

Just over a week ago I finally moved house. It was a long awaited move. I rent my home and originally had the offer back in September. I waited around ten weeks for it after a fair bit of complaining to those at the top.
The move wasn’t as stressful as imagined with most of our small bits and bobs going down daily and the big stuff all in one go.
I left a lot of stuff behind which I felt I didn’t particularly want. After all new house/ new home needs new touches. I got most of the carpets in before I moved in all except my bedroom which I felt I could wait a few months for. I have spent a lot on carpets and furnishings and it’s a good job I saved hard and also got the main Xmas presents out of the way in October.
My old house was full of damp and mould with a horrible smell once you walked through the door and plaster falling of the hallway walls in chunks. The old house was old and dated and was hard to do anything with. My new house is so much better it’s much newer build and so far no damp patches. It feels a lot warmer even without the heating on and at this time of year it’s hard to feel warm anywhere.
It has 3 good sized bedrooms. Ryan has the box room but even that is a fairly decent size. It has one of those large stair box/ stair well coverings which I was a little worried about it taking up space. Ryan however loves it and sees it as a space for his toys/ books, stereo and even a big desk to work out once I get him a cheap chair. Izebella is still in my room. She is 14 months but can be a little restless throughout the night so I think it’s best I wait until she’s a little older before letting her share with big sister Jordanna and my bedroom has more than enough room to accommodate her cot.
I’m currently living out of a suitcase so to speak as I didn’t take my falling apart cheap wardrobes so I’m putting up with a few drawers and a suitcase with my dresses until I can save for decent ones.
The house is ok decorated until after new year and then the hard work will begin of getting it to how I want. My garden also needs sorting out as the path is buried and it’s very muddy.
My children have a place in a new school starting in January. Yesterday they went to look around and met their class and teachers and now looking forward to starting there. It’s all changes in my household at the moment hence why I have not been doing as many posts as usual.
We are all looking forward to our first Christmas in our nice new home.




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