So annoyed with Bolton At Home (Bolton council)

I wrote in previous posts about a hopeful house move. Well I’m extremely annoyed and upset at the minute and here is why?
Firstly I rent my house as I cannot afford to buy. I hope in your minds that doesn’t make me a scrounger as some people have this strange idea that anyone who rents their home is lazy etc. Well that’s not the case with me.
I want to move as where I am now back onto a noisy motorway and is on a busy road. Therefore no where for kids to play. My present house is also in a state. Plaster is falling off walls in chunks. It’s cold and full of damp plus the way it’s all set out means I’m unable to do much with it. My new home is also much closer to the preferred high school.
Anyway I got offered a new home two months back. I got told however it had been empty since July. God only knows what or why it takes them four months to do works.
I have rang every week and still they refuse to give a date when I could move in. It’s five weeks until Christmas and I’m getting slightly worried. I cannot move Christmas week without carpets and curtains in. I would find it difficult to get anyone to help me move around Christmas too especially if roads are covered in snow.
Bolton. At home cheekily put my current house up for let on their website. Yes tagged correct whilst I’m still living in it.
I had a rude obnoxious rather scary man knock on my door almost demanding I show him round and show him bedrooms. Of course I never let him in but he was persistent telling me he too of housing list etc. I was a little frightened to say the least and now I’m worried someone else may come knocking.
To top it off the lovely people at Bolton at Home also cancelled my current and cheap energy supplier withouty say so and changed me over to the very expensive British Gas again whilst I’m still tenant in current home. How dare they. I don’t want to pay British gas not at their prices, I’m shocked they can do this.
I am fed up. Most of my thighs are boxed up and have been for weeks. We are about to be hit with snow and cold weather and I don’t know if or when or even if I should bother putting up decorations just for them to be left or ripped down anyway. Surely they can’t leave me waiting much longer.
Has anyone else been treated like this? Advice much appreciated ?


  1. November 19, 2013 / 19:49

    That is so out of order!! I would put in an official complaint!! You should not be getting people turning up at your house & certainly not having your energy supplier changed….Have you ran British gas and asked them how they are able to authorise it as there must be something you have to sign to change suppliers!!
    Hope you get your move soon x

    • November 19, 2013 / 19:52

      I sent a long email of complaint to every department I could find.
      Apparently I’m told when a tenant vacates a property the councils do change suppliers to avoid confusion trying to find out who supplies what etc. fair enough but I have not moved out and nor have I even been give a date when I can move in. They won’t even tell me if before of after Christmas.
      You see I wouldn’t mind waiting a few month but it’s the not knowing and not being told when that winds me up.

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